Vision, Mission and Strategy

Victor Demmendal
25 Mar 2019 | 3 mins read

Google on vision, mission and strategy and you will get a wide variety of answers and more than you love. What makes it so difficult to keep this simple and why is it always so difficult to do? If you put aside all the monkey stories and forget all the self-proclaimed gurus, you can go back to the essence of why we use these words.

visie missie en strategie

What is the essence of a strategy?

The word strategy originally meant the following etymology "the art of warfare". If someone asked at that time what your strategy was, the question meant the action plan. In other words, which steps are you going to take to win the battle?

What is the essence of a vision?

Vision comes from the word ‘visio’ which literally means 'seeing'. A visionary is therefore also referred to as see-er. Someone who can look over the horizon. As a visionary, you can look further than another and see more. Steve Jobs saw that someday everyone would like to have a Smartphone and iPad. He had no signals to prove this. He simply saw that.

Visionaries can dream very well. They dream about a world that is in better shape than it is now. And with that vision of the future, they develop services and products that contribute to that vision of the future.

At TheONE we dream of a world where people can work remotely wherever and whenever they want via a Live Video connection. That is our vision.

What is the essence of a mission?

Once you have a dream, you want that dream to come true. To optimally contribute to a dream, you want to play a certain role. The role of TheONE is to facilitate remote working worldwide.

Positioning, resources and implementation

  • We position ourselves as a platform that makes it possible to share knowledge via Live Video.
  • The means we use for this is the platform.
  • The implementation is bringing together supply and demand via Live Video Interaction. These are secondary to the vision, the mission, and the strategy. We see a world where everyone can work remotely (Vision) and contribute to this through our role as a facilitator of working remotely (Mission). Our steps are to facilitate 10 specifically defined target groups in 50 specifically defined countries so that the other target groups (including other countries) will find us and start using our platform (Strategy).

Sub-Strategies arising from the main strategy

Now that everyone knows what our dream is, how we want to contribute to it, and what the main strategy is, Sub-Strategies can be worked out. With this you can think of:

For more information about strategy, vision and mission you can find professionals from all over the world on CallTheONE to tell you more via a Live Video connection.

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