Sales techniques and advice

Sales techniques and advice

Learn sales techniques and get advice from a real sales advisor who can help boost your sales with tips and help you out instantly with your sales challenges.

Sales professionals and sales executives at CallTheONE know how you can sell something physically or online. A sales process consists of more than a few clever tricks. Experienced online and offline sales managers and experts are happy to tell you more about it via a Live Video Call session.

The benefit of advice from a sales advisor

It should be easy to grow your sales if you offer the right products or services. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and sometimes the cause is difficult to determine. These days - certainly online - there is are a huge amount of factors involved in increasing the sales of a product or service. Investigating what has and has not been successful can give you insight into where you still need improvement. This way you can improve your sales results.

Sales professionals at CallTheONE have the know-how and can give you instant tips and advice when it comes to your sales. But why would you call a sales advisor via a Live Video connection? Here are three reasons:

  1. You only pay as long as you allow the conversation to last and the first minute is free.
  2. If one person has no answer to your question, you can call another sales advisor with the same ease.
  3. You can see the sales professional through the live video connection and there is always someone available.

Market segments that affect the sales process

Not every product is the same and certainly not every market is the same. That is why it is important to make a distinction within which market segment you are active before contacting a sales advisor. The two most important different market segments are:

  • (B2C) Business to Consumer sales
  • (B2B) Business to Business sales

Within these segments, there are all kinds of different sub-segments. The sale of a Laser Printer to an entrepreneur is something different than the sale of X-ray equipment with a service contract to a hospital. Both require a different approach and therefore a different sales process and sometimes even a different salesperson.

The essence of every sales process

Sales are always different. If only because of the personal style of an individual or company. Yet there are a number of standard facets that every sales process must meet. And of course, the sales professionals at CallTheONE are happy to tell you more about it.

You must essentially pay attention to the questions below in every sales process:

  • Is there a market for my service or product or do I have to create the market?
  • What is the information that a potential customer needs to get interested and how much and what information does the potential customer need to make a purchase?
  • What style of communication does the potential customer want to hear or see?
  • Through which medium - verbal talks, online information, magazines, etc - does the potential customer want to be informed?
  • What are my unique selling points and if there are competitors, how do I distinguish my offer from them?

Simple questions, but sometimes difficult to answer in the right way. That is why advice from a sales advisor is useful. They are directly accessible via CallTheONE via a Live Video connection.

Sales funnels

Each sales process can be presented in a sales funnel. This means that you map out the process from the first moment of contact to the after sales. An online sales funnel can be different from an offline sales funnel.

By using a sales funnel you can estimate the number of sales based on contact moments with potential customers.

Online sales funnel example

With an online sales funnel, you first map out how and where the potential customer comes into contact with your product or service. For example through online or offline advertising. This can also be a social media post.

Your (online) sales funnel can look like this:

  • Number of people reached via (social) media channels
  • Percentage of people interested in your product or services
  • Percentage of these people visiting your (online) store
  • Percentage of these people viewing a product or service
  • Percentage of these people who put a product or service in the shopping cart
  • Percentage of these people who pay
  • Percentage of these people asking for a service

With the rise of the internet, a webshop was seen by many as a competitor to the physical shop. Research shows that usually, the opposite is true. This is called the so-called ROPO effect. This terminology stands for Research Online and Purchase Offline. In other words, people do research online to find the best product and finally buy it in the shop.

The most effective sales tools

1 on 1 contact with a potential customer remains the most effective sales tool. The personal interaction allows you to respond to the customer's needs and convince him to make a purchase. There are several ways to make 1 on 1 contact with potential customers. For example:

  • Door to door sales
  • Telephone sales
  • Street sales
  • Shop sales

Group sessions are extremely effective when it comes to a homogeneous group of people who share a common interest. Examples of group sessions where a purchase need can effectively be generated are:

A popular platform for organizing effective meetings is MeetUp. On this platform, you can register meetings for which people can register.

The sales process is often closely linked to a thorough marketing strategy and advertising campaign. That is why you could also ask your questions to marketing specialists at CallTheONE. They can also help you spread the right message.

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