Online marketing strategy and advice

Online marketing professionals know how to get more visitors to your site or blog and how to convert these visitors into sales or new members. Because online marketers at TheONE work remotely, you can contact them via Live Video Calling. You pay per minute so for a question you only pay as long as the answer lasts. You can also hire them longer by making clear agreements with the online marketing professional.

Online marketing strategy and advice

Get to know more about online marketing strategy or other online marketing areas from a marketing professional. Online marketing is a specialization within the field of marketing where it initially involves attracting visitors to your e-commerce site, your app, your blog or your community. And once you have visitors, you want to convert them to sales. These experts can help you out in your online marketing strategy or challenges.

Online marketers understand how you can find the right target group on the Internet and know how to interest them in your services or product. They can do this in various ways, using (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, (SEA) Search Engine Ads or Affiliate Marketing.

What questions can you ask an online marketing professional?

Online marketing professionals who can instantly help you!

If you know how to do it, you can do everything yourself. That is why it is useful to call an online marketing professional via Live Video calling and ask how you can be found and be visible online.

Online marketing professionals understand everything from content, customer experience, online advertising, and social media.

How important is content on the Internet?

If you do not tell a search engine like Google who you are and what you do, it does not care about you and you will not be visible. That is why good content - content a search engine understands - is so important. In order for Google to understand content such as texts, videos, photos, and music, it must meet certain conditions. The online marketing professional can tell you all about this during a Live Video calling.

How important is the customer experience for your conversion?

Customer experience is an experience a customer has while taking steps leading to purchase or registration. From the first moment of contact until the moment that the registration or payment button is clicked. Online marketing professionals know how to tell the right things at the right time and can have a big impact on conversion.

How important is Social Media for your commerce site?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are indispensable when it comes to brand experience and attracting new customers in a relatively cheap way. The rules for bringing all the different social media channels in synergy and effectively gain customers or members for you is an expertise that is mastered by every online marketing professional.

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    Business Strategist
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    Marketing strategist
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    Business Development
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  • Rick De Vlieger
    Online marketeer
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    growth hacker and digital strategy
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    Digital strategy
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