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Do you or your company need the approach of a PR advisor who can help you with your questions? Then you are at the right place at CallTheONE. Of course, you can have your PR marketing carried out by an expensive PR agency, but the PR advisors affiliated with Call The ONE have a lot of experience with PR marketing and can provide you with excellent advice. All you have to do to speak to a PR representative of CallTheONE choose a PR advisor who can help you with your PR consulting issue. By clicking on the "call me" function in the app you can get in touch with your chosen PR specialist.


There are several PR advisors from all over the world affiliated with Call The ONE, choose one and they can speak to you directly through a live video interaction. Through the live video interaction, you can ask all your questions to the representative of your choice where you need an answer. And the best part of this concept is that you pay per minute so you never have to pay more than the answer is worth.

PR marketing is actually in a grey area because it is difficult to measure the value of a PR campaign, but this does not mean that hiring a PR agency is pointless. The affiliated PR advisors at CallTheONE can provide you with excellent PR marketing advice. So don't hesitate and contact a PR advisor of your choice at CallTheONE!

Do you want to hire a PR agency? Call The ONE for advice!

Developing a good PR strategy is a very important part of a company's strategy, but it is also true that a good PR strategy depends on the information you have. The help of a PR advisor can come in handy. A representative of CallTheONE can provide you with targeted advice so you can save a lot of money (before you hire an expensive PR agency). Based on the specific advice of a communication advisor of CallTheONE you can determine in which area a PR agency can or can't be of value to you.

PR Marketing convenient for your company? Call The ONE!

There are several things to consider when drawing up a PR campaign. A PR advisor can help you formulate your PR strategy by going through the following steps, such as:

  • Step 1: PR Strategy, research first
  • Step 2: PR Strategy: Make the essence clear (necessity within the company)
  • Step 3: PR Strategy: Combine the two previous steps to use them to sharpen the strategy
  • Step 4: PR Strategy, Identify and Understand Media Targets (how to reach them?)

Setting up a PR campaign without the necessary knowledge is extremely difficult, so please contact a CallTheONE PR advisor in advance for the right PR consult. The communications consultant can help you by providing the necessary advice about a PR campaign. By improving the marketing of your company you will be better able to use (possible) sales opportunities. A PR advisor can tell you exactly what you need to do to improve marketing. When you have to find out and apply all this yourself, it can be quite a time-consuming job. In order to improve the PR strategy, it is therefore recommended to hire the right PR advisor who can help you with this.

What can a PR advisor advise and help you with, among other things?

  • Preparation and execution of PR and marketing activities
  • Drawing up a PR plan
  • Setting up a complete customer survey
  • Campaigns and advertisements
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Online marketing, affiliate marketing, and other marketing formats

So don't hesitate and Call The ONE!

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