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On April 1, 1976, young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started their company called Apple computers. Wozniak was the ingenious hardware developer, and Jobs had taken on the role of a salesman by his appearance and easy way of talking. Not yet aware of the gift they would give the world, they built a computer that was difficult to sell. It was the beginning of the computer revolution, and only a few people believed the computer would end up in any living room.

Thirty-five years later, Steve Job died of cancer, leaving behind a company worth $128 billion. In 2018, Apple reached the magic limit of $1,000 billion in value. That makes Apple richer than 90% of all countries in the world.

Apple has enriched the lives of many people with their computers, their iPhone, their iPad, and their iTunes music service. Despite turbulent years, Apple has managed to survive in the competitive world of consumer electronics through new vision and farsightedness.

What makes Apple better than other computers?

Unlike Windows computers, Apple has a so-called closed ecosystem. It means that Apple's software initially only works with other Apple devices and software. This enables them to test the applications and hardware better. Everything works directly together. An iPhone connects almost automatically to a MacBook and an iWatch. This is in contrast to windows computers that want to collaborate with thousands of other hardware manufacturers and software suppliers. Because of the enormous diversity, a windows computer is more prone to errors. Especially after a software update.

Why are Apple computers more expensive than Windows computers?

Apple has always emphasized its design. Jony Ive was Apple's lead design for a long time. There is a rumor that Steve was so immersed in details that each Mac had to get a signature on the inside from the person who assembled it. According to Ive and Jobs, details made all the difference, and that costs money.

Apple also learned that quality costs money. In the '80s, the Apple computer was too expensive for the average consumer because Jobs only wanted to deliver the best of the best. The most extended battery life, the best displays, etc. This, combined with a clear marketing strategy, makes Apple products relatively expensive.

How many types of Apple products are sold?

Apple is best known for its MacBooks and iMacs. They also sell iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs, and a variety of peripherals. Since 2010, Apple has also started developing medical products. Heart rate monitors, blood glucose monitors, and many other products to improve the health of consumers. Despite the growing demand, these products do not yet want to reach the masses. This may have something to do with the price because there are many cheaper alternatives on the market.

How did iTunes become a great success?

The visionary idea of Steve Jobs was to have all your music in one device with you at all times. He called this the iPod. The storage space of hard disks became bigger while the format became smaller. Thousands of songs could now be carried in a device no bigger than your palm.

To provide the device with digitized music, he decided to develop a platform where music labels could put their music on. Instead of selling CD's they could now earn money from every download of a song at iTunes. Many record labels and artists initially did not want to participate, but when the iPad turned out to be a resounding success immediately after its introduction in 2001, everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

iTunes put an end to the music shops in the shopping street because it was much easier to listen to and download any song from the comfort of your chair.

apple itunes

How many Apple stores are there worldwide?

By 2019, there will be more than 500 Apple stores, half of which will be based in America. Apple also has its APR program, which was developed in the Netherlands. It stands for Apple Premium Reseller. An APR is a franchise that has its own name, but the stores must look the way Apple wants. They are also only allowed to sell Apple-certified products, and they must maintain the prices and marketing that Apple commands. Usually, APRs are a lot smaller than Apple stores.

Who can I contact for questions about Apple products?

If you have any questions about Apple products, you can visit the Apple store. It has a so-called genius bar where technicians can solve your problem immediately. However, you need to make an appointment first, and the waiting time can be long.

An alternative is to call an Apple expert on TheONE. These Apple experts are directly accessible via a video connection, and you only pay for the minutes that you have contact with each other. This is more expensive because the Genius bar is free, but it's faster, and you don't have to go out. You can make calls via your Internet browser or via TheONE expert app on your Smartphone. You get someone on the phone immediately, and you can share your screen in case of software problems remotely.

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