Remote online PC support

Not all questions or problems about your PC can be answered or solved with remote support. Questions or problems related to IT & Electronics can in some cases only be solved with remote home support. For this, you can contact IT or ICT specialists, mechanics, and other professionals. By contacting available TheONE experts via instant video calling you can find out if you need PC support at home, for example.

You pay them per minute, so if you have an instant answer, it has certainly been worth the money. It's the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get help from a true expert. And if the chosen TheONE can't help you, you can always choose another ONE that can help you.

Would you like to be supported at home with your PC problems? Then get in touch directly with a TheONE who wants to assist you at home. People from all over the world have signed up at TheONE. So keep in mind that not everyone can offer you home support. By choosing a suitable expert you can use their expertise for your specific problem.

Save time and effort by contacting a computer expert! Why?

  • Quick answer to your question
  • Instant Home Support with possible problems easily via video calls!
  • TheONE experts can provide you instantly with their expertise

Each TheONE expert has his own specialism and expertise. Have you chosen a suitable TheONE? Download the app and press the "Call Me" button. This way you can solve your problem in no time.

Need support at home? Ask TheONE!

Not all questions or problems take hours to be answered or solved. An expert can best advise you on this. Often a major problem is easy to solve and a difficult question is easy to answer. Therefore it is not always necessary to get support at home. However, it happens often enough that you can use some support at home. For example, what could a TheONE help you with?

In addition, there are a number of other possibilities with which TheONE experts can support you at home. What many people are helped with is PC support at home (also called computer support at home).

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PC support at home? With TheONE you can get it instantly!

PC home support occurs when no suitable remote support can be provided. Remote computer support can range from computer problems to computer repairs. It is therefore important to choose a suitable expert who can assist you with this at home. Otherwise, it will probably take you a lot of time and effort to solve your problem.

Need computer support at home? Contact us directly!

Find TheONE with the right expertise to help you. Press the "Call Me" button in the CallTheONE application to get in touch with your chosen expert. Please note that TheONE experts are spread all over the world. It is therefore advisable to find an expert who lives near you. Furthermore, home PC support is not always offered by every TheONE. However, TheONE specialists can in most cases advise who does offer home PC support.

See our explanation movie here:

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