WiFi problems and solutions

Questions related to wifi, wifi problems, and wifi connection can often be answered and solved with a solution in a short time. Installation engineers and other experts are ready to answer your difficult questions in a simple way. When you get in touch with an expert the payment is per minute, so you will never pay more than the answer is worth.

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Almost everyone uses WiFi for wireless internet access. But what do you do if you run into problems? TheOne's expertise can be very useful in this. Imagine: your wifi does not work or you have other wifi problems such as weak signal strength from your modem or a bad connection. It can take a lot of time before you have found and solved the problem. It can also take a lot of time if you want to connect a wifi amplifier because you think this will solve your wifi problems. There where you are just a phone call away from the help you need.

Find TheONE experts who know more about WiFi to solve your WiFi problems. Seeking the right help can save you a lot of time and effort.

Common WiFi problems

WiFi problems are often easy to solve. At least, using an expert who knows exactly what needs to be done to solve the problem. Common WiFi problems can occur at different locations and on different devices. For example, you may experience WiFi problems at home on your tablet or at the office on your laptop. A number of common WiFi problems are:

  • Your WiFi is not working
  • Your WiFi is gone
  • You have a WiFi failure
  • Your wifi does not work with certain devices

Besides fixing the above problems there may be other scenarios where you can use wifi help. Maybe your wireless internet is slow, and you want to amplify your wifi signal? An expert can certainly help you with this.

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Want to amplify your WiFi signal? Find TheOne for help!

There are many possibilities to amplify your wifi signal. An expert can tell you exactly which steps to take to amplify the signal. Of course, there is a solution to every problem. Your wifi signal amplification can be done in different ways. For example, special programs, specific channel frequencies, and other tricks can be used. If you have to invent and apply all this yourself, you will lose a lot of time!

An expert can also tell you if a wifi amplifier should be purchased. A wifi amplifier (also known as wifi repeater) is often used to make the wifi signal more powerful.

What can you do yourself to amplify your WiFi signal?

The most important thing for your WiFi signal is the location of your router. Each router has a certain range and the further away you are from your router, the weaker the signal and thus your connection and internet speed. But there are also other factors that can weaken the signal.

Tip for the best WiFi signal:

  • Buy a separate modem: Many routers have a built-in modem. These are often connected near the point where the internet cable enters your office or home. This is usually not the most central place in the house. A separate modem can be placed anywhere in the house for the best WiFi signal.

  • Place the modem high: Make sure that your modem is placed as high as possible. This way, it is least affected by objects that can interfere with the WiFi signal.

  • Aim your modem antennas: Most modems have 2 antennas. Place one antenna horizontally and the other vertically for best signal reception. It can sometimes decide which of the two is horizontal or vertical. You can easily test this by using a free internet speed test.

  • Prevent interference from other devices: Make sure that there are no or as few other electronic devices near the modem and/or router as possible. There must be at least 90 inches between the modem and/or router and other equipment.

Connecting a wifi amplifier?

Connecting a wifi amplifier can cause the signal to amplify what comes from the modem or router. Connecting a wifi amplifier can take quite some time. There are a number of steps that need to be completed before a wifi amplifier is working. An expert can guide you in this and also advise you further. This way an expert can help you with the following points if you want to connect a wifi amplifier:

  • Helping to connect with the wifi amplifier
  • Installing the wifi amplifier
  • Changing the network name
  • Adjusting the network password
  • Advice on the right place to install
  • Manually configuring with other devices

There are four ways to amplify your WiFi signal by means of additional peripherals.

  1. Access Points Access points are WiFi signal amplifiers that transmit an existing signal. Suppose your signal is still good within 20 meters, but start to weaken after 25 meters. By placing an access point within 20 meters, the access point will pass on the signal at the same strength for the next 20 meters.

  2. Powerline adapters A very easy way to keep your WiFi signal strong throughout your home or office is to use the electricity grid. You place a powerline adapter near your modem in the socket and where you want a strong signal you place a second powerline adapter in the socket. You can place as many powerline adapters as you like, but without the right settings, they can also interfere with each other.

  3. Range extenders Range extenders actually do what an access point does, but degrade the signal. Because a range extender, also called a WiFi repeater, cannot receive and transmit at the same time, the signal may be stronger, but the Internet speed doesn't necessarily have to improve. In addition, certain types of routers also require certain types of range extenders.

  4. Multiroom WiFi adapters One of the most solid, but also more expensive solutions is a multiroom WiFi solution. This is a set of separate boxes that communicate with a base station that is connected to your modem. Because the complete set has been developed especially for each other, this gives the least interference and the best result.

Set up Sky wifi with a CalltheONE expert

At CallTheONE you can find experts who work for various internet providers. Would you like to set up your Sky wifi, for example? Then look for a CallTheONE expert who works at Sky. Such an expert can also help you with other problems. Imagine your wifi does not work. Then you can speak directly to an expert of which you are sure that he/she can help you. Hopefully, you can then enjoy your wifi connection in no time.

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