Mental Coaches for self-development

Direct contact with a Mental Coach via CallTheONE. Mental Coaches from all over the world are online for direct contact via a Live Video Connection. At CallTheONE you do not have to wait if you get in the way or need guidance with difficult personal choices.

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__Mental Coaching is similar to Life Coaching and is about what you believe is the reality. It is a form of coaching that deals with the meaning you have given to something in your head. Some meanings are useful. If you believe that healthy eating is good for you, you can benefit from it. But if you believe that people get sick of vegetables and fruit, it can turn out nasty for you. Of course, these are just two simple examples, but TheONE Mental Coaches come up against the most diverse issues.

Most people call in the help of a Mental Coach when they run into something they don’t like or can not handle properly. This can lead to overstrain or even a burn out, but also problems such as fears, insecurity or not knowing how to proceed after a or death of a neighbour. At CallTheONE Mental Coaches are ready for you instantly via a Live Video Connection.

The reasons for calling a Mental Coach via Live Video Interaction are countless. For instance:

  • You have direct contact without an appointment
  • You pay per minute so that you never pay more than necessary
  • Your session will take place in an environment that you like
  • You have a choice of mental coaches from all over the world

A large number of mental coaches ensures that there is always someone with whom you can build a relationship based on trust. That is important because a Mental Coach can only really help you if you can share the most intimate and deepest secrets.

Mental Coaches help with a lasting change in behaviour

The older you get, the harder it is to change behaviour and thought patterns, but it has been proven that it is certainly not impossible. Mental Coaches on CallTheONE use various techniques to permanently resolve mental issues. For example, by using Neuro Semantics, NLP or Family Constellations.

Your faith and thoughts and beliefs can be very misleading.

When it comes to obstructive beliefs, a Mental Coach can offer a lot to you. The problem is often that someone who has obstructive beliefs is not aware of it at all. Something we stop thinking about the things we know for sure and are convinced of. Water is wet. We do not think about that anymore and that is good, otherwise, we would completely go crazy with all our thoughts.

Meanings can be pathogenic and Mental Coaches help with that

The belief that water is wet usually does not give us problems. It can even help us if we want to stay dry. But sometimes there are convictions in our heads that can cause problems. For example, if you are convinced that you are a kind of Superman. Better and smarter than everyone in everything also called a form of Narcissism. Through Mental Coaching, your beliefs are exposed and the Mental Coach sees if there are any meanings that can literally make you ill.

Some examples of potentially ill-making meanings are:

  • The belief that all men are cheating. Then it becomes difficult to find a relationship and the chance of a lonely death is reasonably present.

  • The belief that you can not do anything and everyone works against you. This makes it difficult to find a job and build friendships.

  • The belief that all kinds of things need not be found by other people. There you can be so busy that you get overstrained or even a Burn out.

  • The belief that you have very little time before you die while you are still young and vital. This can also lead to, for example, being overstrained or getting a Burn out.

There are many more sickening meanings that can affect your daily life negatively. Mental Coaches on TheONE are trained to give you new insights via Live Video Interaction that can increase the fun in your life so you can use your maximum potential.

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