Life coaches for personal growth

Life coaches

Remote life coaches for personal growth support you on request with issues in life via live video calling. Free yourself from your restraining convictions and enjoy life again with the help of a Life coach.

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or feel you are not happy in life? Or do you want to work on your personal development? A life coach helps you to become the best version of yourself. This way, you can enjoy what comes your way and leave the past behind.

You do not have to make an appointment. You only pay for the minutes as long as the call lasts. To ensure that you can get acquainted first, the first minute is free. That way, you know for sure that you get the coaching from the right life coach with no cost.

Instant contact with life coaches for your personal growth

Life coaches help you in your personal growth. Now you can get instant contact with a remote life coach at your choice via video calling.

If you do not have experience with a Life Coach yet, it can sometimes be a big step to call someone who you don’t know and share your deepest fears and feelings.

Don't have fear for the first call. Try it and check if it feels right because the first-minute Live video calling is free. Because you pay per minute, you can keep an eye on what you want to spend.

What can stop people from talking to a Life Coach

  • Wanting to do it all by yourself: Having the idea that you should be able to solve everything yourself
  • Sluggish: The idea that a life coach has no reliable solutions
  • Priority: First other things have to be solved, and personal growth is not essential now
  • Money: Thinking that a life coach is expensive
  • Fear: Being afraid to talk about your problems with a stranger
  • Shame: Think the life coach will find you dumb if you really tell what's bothering you

A conversation with a life coach for personal growth via TheONE is very different from a conversation with your best friend. But an excellent Life Coach can make it feel that way.

The difference is that a Professional Life Coach has no conversation with you from a sense of thrill or just to let you do your story. Life coaching is the art to ask questions and provide insights for personal growth.

The benefit of life coaches for personal growth

Sometimes life can be a bit disappointing. Troubles at work, a fight in your relationship, or maybe you are asking yourself the meaning of life. There can be various reasons for needing Coaching.

Sometimes it is something small, but of course, there can also be serious causes. At TheONE you will always find someone who can talk to you about what you are dealing with. That is because all kinds of life coaches with different specialism from all over the world are registered.

You can see Life Coaching as talking to someone who can listen well and who understands how the human mind works. This makes life Coaching more effective than just talking to someone.

Talking to just someone can be relieving, but often does not resolve the underlying cause. Life coaches are professionals who work purposefully. Depending on the severity of the cause, no more than 4 to 6 sessions are usually needed to make you feel a better you.

For who is life coaching

Coaching is for everyone. For the businessman, housewife, student, or plumber. There are also many different types of coaches such as a life coach, personal coach, mental coach, and for example, a fitness coach.

The coaches within TheONE tell on their profile in what they are specialized. Simply search for the right coach and start your first session right away.

Online Life Coaches have made it their profession to get the best out of people. They have studied for that. Life Coach is, therefore, a real profession, but unfortunately not yet accepted within every culture.

What does remote life coaching help for?

There are various topics that life coaching can help with for personal growth. Some examples are:

  • Low self-confidence and / or self-esteem
  • Reduced resilience
  • Problems at work
  • Not knowing what you are doing here on earth
  • Lots of frustration and / or stress
  • Fears
  • Not daring to speak about certain topics
  • You want to feel more happy
  • Being very busy with what others expect or think about you
  • Much grief due to one or more events from the past and even sleepless nights
  • Do not know what you want and feel overwhelming about that.
  • Lack of energy or motivation and restlessness
  • Fear of new situations or people
  • You do not feel good in a relationship or you feel very lonely because you do not have a relationship.
  • Do more things in a day than you can handle and feel that you never have time for yourself (similar to Burn Out)

Everyone has their reason for talking with a life coach. No life coach will be surprised if you bring up the topic that you want to talk about.

What can you expect from a remote life coaching session?

Life Coaching starts with confidence and respect. You will have to trust the life coach and the information you share will be treated with full respect.

Each Life Coach has a different approach, but in general, a remote life coaching session starts with an intake. The Life Coach tries to find out what you are up to.

We call this the real help question. Sometimes you can, for example, have problems with entering into a new relationship and that is your request for help.

If it turns out that you have had bad experiences with relationships in the past, in that case, the real help question likely is how you can deal with those relationships from the past.

Sometimes your real help question is clear when it comes to trauma such as the loss of someone or domestic violence. It can also happen that someone has come to believe something that makes them feel stuck.

A remote online session via video calling with a life coach often shows your real request for help within a short time.

Is a life coach suitable for everyone?

No, not everyone benefits from a life coach. Psychiatric disorders or a high degree of confusion can lead the life coach to refer you to a particular specialist within CallTheONE or beyond.

During the live video call, the life coach will indicate what his or her advice is and what you can expect. If the cause and treatment are not within his or her range, the life coach will tell you.

Remember that not every doctor will fix a broken leg or perform an eye operation. You have specialists for that.

Why online life coaching via live video calling?

Life coaches from all over the world are online at TheONE. It enables you to find the perfect match without having to make hundreds of appointments. It saves a lot of travel time, and because you usually pay per minute, you can determine your own budget.

Investment in yourself is always a good investment

We spend money on things such as our car, our house, our clothes, and external care to show how well we are doing compared to others. But when it comes to a small investment in ourselves, some people find that weird.

As if people from outside cannot see how you feel inside. Just look around you at friends and family. Often despite the beautiful car, the fantastic house and the external care it’s easy to see if someone is happy or very unhappy.

For those unfortunate unhappy people, there is TheONE — direct contact with a Life Coach via Live Video Calling.

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