Burnout recovery & treatment

Recovery of burnout by any kind of treatment can be a long and slow process. But that doesn't mean that you can not start today. Instant and remote contact with a burnout coach via live video calling is the most accessible and affordable way to begin your cure.

Do you feel burned out, lack motivation, unhappy, often angry or totally without energy? Then there is a good chance that you are suffering from burnout.

Burnout can have several causes, for which there are different cures and therapies. Professional help with burnout is, therefore, essential. Self-diagnosis does not work in most cases. Instead of burnout, it could also be that you are just frustrated.

A burnout coach or burnout psychologist can help you to cure your burnout! With the help of a burnout coach, you can together find out the possible causes of your burnout and then work on those issues. You pay your burnout coach or burnout therapist per minute, so you will never pay more than the treatment is worth.

What causes burnout?

A burnout is caused when you experience too much mental stress for too long. This stress can be caused by an excessive workload, relationship problems or problems within the family or group of friends, financial setbacks or an accumulation of other setbacks.

A burnout never occurs due to a single incident. It is always a prolonged accumulation of events. However, a certain incident can be the event that makes it all too much for you.

With a burnout, your brain makes a short circuit, as it were. You can no longer think clearly and rationally and your emotions predominate. A burnout is the natural defense mechanism when your body and mind say it's all been enough.

What is the difference between burnout and post-traumatic stress?

One person can handle stress better than the other and in crisis situations a burnout is rare. In times of war, for example, in many cases more is asked of soldiers for a long time than they can handle. Yet they never get a burnout on the battlefield.

This is because a safe environment is needed to experience the stress symptoms that are the underlying cause of burnout. As long as the environment is not "safe" enough, the body and your mind will focus on the environment. After that, the body and mind can focus on recovery and burnout can occur.

... ...

Because this happens long after a series of stressful events, this is not called a burnout but post-traumatic stress. Here the word 'post' stands before 'after'.

Does a burnout only occur in the West?

No, a burnout does not only occur in the West but is more accepted there. It is also true that you can only experience stress about something that you do not accept. It is a result of the long-term resistance to something or a situation. In many non-Western countries, family or social pressure is more likely to force you to accept situations and get on with your life.

How does burnout recovery & treatment work?

When you have a burnout, it didn't happen overnight. Recovery by treatment can, therefore, be an intense, slow, and long process. The remedy is often not only to get a lot of rest but also to take therapy or coaching.

Coaches will ask you questions to find the cause of the burnout for your recovery. Not only to cure the burnout but also to prevent it from happening in the future. At TheONE, you can remote and instant contact a burnout coach via video calling and start your first coaching session.

Get in touch with a burnout coach right away. Recovery is possible!

  • Instant therapy for your burn out via video calling
  • 1 on 1 help with burnout, with professionals who know what they are talking about
  • Relatively cheap alternative for a burnout treatment and cure

Ask questions about burnout and your recovery

Several burnout coaches and psychologists have registered with The ONE to answer all kinds of questions regarding physical and mental burnout symptoms. Stress and lack of stress management often causing lack of motivation or worse. Often they are also the cause of burnout.

Burnout professionals come from all over the world and can be directly contacted by you. Download the TheONE expert app and choose a suitable burnout coach who can help you with a burnout.

By clicking on the "Call me" button, you can gain knowledge or get burnout tips that can help you with your burnout. Not satisfied with your burn out therapy? Then find another suitable coach who can pick up your burnout treatment.

Instantly a burnout coach for your recovery!

From all over the world, coaches, psychologists, doctors, or practice supporters are ready to help with burnouts. Burnout treatments are almost not covered by the basic insurance, therapy for burnouts can, therefore, be quite expensive.

By calling a The ONE expert who calls himself a burnout coach or burnout psychologist, you can cheaply get help. Based on burn out tips and burn out guidance, you can then (hopefully) get rid of your burn out as soon as possible.

Burnout prevention is more comfortable with professionals at TheONE

Preventing burnout is always better than recover or be cured. The longer a burnout lasts, the worse the symptoms and complaints become. Starting with being overstrained.

The physical and mental symptoms are caused by certain circumstances. The ONE's with experience in the field of burnouts can advise you what you could or should change in the field of:

Many other possible causes need to be examined to reach a diagnosis. A burn out is better prevented than cured!

Burn out tips and advice

  • Find a suitable burnout coach or therapist who can guide you through your recovery process. Don't try to do it all by yourself. You were the one that was not able to prevent it, so don't think it's easy to cure it alone.
  • Accept that you suffer from burnout. Acceptance is often the hardest thing to do.
  • Call today for further explanation and support on for your burnout with people who know what they talk about.

Burn out, what to do? Seek immediate help!

You have a burnout, what to do? Don't wait any longer. A burnout coach or a burnout therapist can find out what the possible causes of your burnout are, based on your symptoms. By a burnout treatment, you can hopefully quickly get rid of the physical and mental complaints you get from a burnout.

Don't let the problems or complaints wait any longer and press the "Call Me" button to contact a suitable professional. For example, Wassili Zafiris.

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01-04-2021 7 mins read
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