10 Ways a Flyer Maker Can Help You Promote Your School Event

When finding the perfect promotional tool for your school event, nothing works better than flyers. Flyers are an inexpensive yet effective way of promoting an event and reaching more potential attendees. They also offer numerous benefits that you need to know about before you promote your next school event.


For beginners, the best way to create stunning flyers is by using an online flyer maker. Luckily, Venngage offers a unique and accessible platform where you can design a flyer free template. Here are some ways a flyer maker can help you promote more people to attend your upcoming school event.

1) Educational Content is Essential

Since everyone has short attention spans these days, there's a high chance that they won't read your entire flyer if they don't understand what's on it. That's why it's essential to include some educational content on top of the necessary details regarding your upcoming school event.

You can also include helpful hints, along with the educational content, to make their experience in your school event even better. Another general rule of thumb when you create a flyer is to put the following information:

  • who will be hosting the event
  • what the event is all about
  • why it's happening
  • where to go for more information
  • who to contact for more information

2) Be Clear and Concise

People have busy lives. That's why you need to be clear and concise when writing your flyer content. They should be able to understand what's going on at a glance without having them read through everything over again. Make sure you include all necessary details in an easy-to-read manner to prevent missing out on anything important.

Remember that just because you're hosting an event doesn't necessarily mean your audience is attending it or wants to attend it. You need to remind everyone of two things throughout your flyer - what's going on and why they should go.

3) Be Creative

You want your flyer to stand out from the rest, don't you? Of course, you do! Flyers are a great way to get people excited about an event before looking at anything else. However, they'll only be interested in them if something catches their eye. It can be exciting content or creativity.

... ...

Make sure whatever information you are putting on your flyer stands out. Doing this will allow your audience to remember what it looked like months later once the school event approaches. You can use a flyer maker to boost your creativity. Below is an example of what you'll see on Venngage's best flyer free templates:


4) Quality Matters

A common thing about any promotional tool is that quality matters. When promoting an upcoming school event, your flyer or brochure can impact your attendees. If your promotional tool is blurry, torn up, or confusing, no one will take any interest in it.


Even with an event as essential as your school event, no one will be interested in something they can't read. Luckily, there are countless apps for flyers available online nowadays. Find one that allows you to have complete control over the design of your online or physical flyer.

5) Know Your Audience

Who exactly are you targeting when coming up with a promotional tool like flyers? Take your time carefully when brainstorming answers to this question because there is nothing worse than choosing the wrong audience for your event.

You don't want to spend hours promoting an educational seminar and, later on, realize that most people are attending because of curiosity and not because they care about the topic. Once you know who you're targeting, make sure to include their needs, wants, and desires on your flyer.

6) Location Matters

When deciding what to include on a flyer for a school event, don't forget that people might not know the location of your event. This factor doesn't mean that if they aren't familiar with the area, it will be a disaster for your event. But it's best to leave them with some sort of "MapQuest" type of idea.

You can include landmarks on your flyer. You can also add a small map, along with directions, so they'd know where the event will be before going there.

7) Adding Social Media

Today's modern flyers often have their own social media presence built right in, so make sure to take advantage of this! It is essential to make your promotional flyers shareable on all social media platforms, don't you agree?

No one wants to attend an event and not be able to announce it. Make sure to include a small Facebook "Like" button or Twitter "Tweet" button on the flyer so they can easily promote it for you!

8) Don't Forget Word of Mouth

Sometimes flyers aren't enough to create excitement about an upcoming school event. But don't forget one thing that will get even more people talking - word of mouth!


Have enough space on the flyer for people's names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Doing this allows people to easily refer to others without having to write down their contact information themselves. Talk about being more personal these days!

9) Keep it Updated

As the event gets closer and closer, you will be tempted to stop updating your promotional flyer. But don't do that!

Your flyer is a great way to remind people about an upcoming school event, so even if they remember what it looked like, adding new information as time goes on will keep them looking at it again and again. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to post updates every day or anything drastic, just enough that they notice there's been a change since the last time they saw it.

10) Be Flexible

In some cases, flyers aren't always the best promotional tool for school events because everyone has them nowadays. That means flyering is not as effective as before.

If you feel this might be the case for your school event, try to think of other promotional tools that will work better for you. You can always come up with creative alternatives like t-shirts, television commercials, or even postcards.

Promote Any School Event With Venngage

When promoting your business and school events, Venngage has you covered! This free flyer maker has the right tools to spark your audience's interests. You can also browse through its beautiful brochure templates for free.


If you're considering signing up for a flyer maker that can help promote your business, don't hesitate! Visit Venngage and see how its flyer free templates can transform your story. Good luck with the upcoming school event!

Ben Steenstra Ben Steenstra
19-11-2021 6 mins read
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