Pre and post divorce counseling

Online pre and post divorce counseling is offered by professionals for those who want to divorce or are divorced already. Not all questions about a divorce need to take hours to get an answer. In some cases, counselors at TheONE can quickly answer your questions about divorcing.

Find the best pre or post online divorce counselor

Did you and your partner decide to divorce, or are you considering divorce? Then you probably have some questions that can be answered by pre or post-divorce counselors. For example:

  • How to apply for a divorce?
  • I want to divorce and now?
  • Where can I find help with divorce?
  • Where can I find the right divorce mediation?
  • What are my rights?
  • How about alimentation?
  • How to come up with a visit arrangement for the children?
  • Who can help me with my financial planning?

Affordable advice from pre and post-divorce counselors

Not all questions about a divorce need to take hours to be answered. In some cases, CallTheone divorce counselors can instantly answer your questions about your divorce. The great thing about the concept of CallTheONE is that you don't have to hire an expensive divorce lawyer. You pay the per minute for the divorce counseling service, so they never have to be paid more than the answer is worth.

Several divorce counselors have joined TheONE, who can help you with a divorce. The counselors are based all over the world and can, therefore, be contacted 24/7. CallTheONE is one of the most simple, fast, and cheap ways to get your questions answered. And the great thing about this concept is that if the chosen divorce counselor does not instantly meet the requirements, you can just call another one.

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Need help with separating with your partner? Call TheONE!

Are you planning to separate? And do you need help with your divorce? Then call a TheONE divorce counselor today. The affiliated counselors are known for their professional advice and can offer you the right help with making decisions during a divorce.

Besides, the experts can also act as a mediator in the event of a divorce, thus preventing the hiring of an expensive lawyer. Divorce mediation can be an affordable solution if you want to call in the help of an independent person from outside — this way, the right support can be offered to apply for a divorce.

Benefits Divorce Mediation

The benefit of divorce mediation is that you can prevent a divorce or at least talk with each other without distracting emotions. Divorce mediation is sometimes called independent divorce support mediation. The mediator offers help with a divorce without choosing sides.

We are going to separate, and now what? CallTheONE!

There are several things involved in separation with your partner that you probably did not take into account. A TheONE divorce counselor can point out things you probably haven't taken into account at all, such as:

  • Calculating the alimony
  • Partner alimony
  • Child support

Besides, he can also help you mentally with the issue of divorce. Many people fall into depression or loneliness after their divorce,

Solving alimony problems with your partner?

When a divorce has been requested, you dispose of, as it were, of the obligations to financially support each other. But in some cases, an obligation to each other remains, and that is an alimony obligation.

If you do not receive enough income, your ex-partner may have to pay you alimony. If you have children together, there is also an obligation to the children in the form of financial child support.

If you don't know exactly how this works in your situation, a TheONE divorce counselor can provide you with advice. For example, he can calculate the alimony of the child or partner alimony, or refer you to someone whose expertise it is.

A divorce counselor at TheONE can help you with various divorce cases. He can help you with divorce applications, act as a divorce mediator, help you with online divorce, and he can offer you help after a divorce.

With TheONE, you can have all the help you need with your divorce at hand. You just need to download the TheONE expert app and click on the "Call me" button of your adviser if necessary. You will get an immediate response without having to spend hours looking for the right answers.

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