Counseling Services

At CallTheONE, you find counseling services for personal matters or married people. You can instantly contact a counselor via Live Video calling to work on disputes or your personal transformation. Prevent worse and start an intake interview now.

Counseling services for private or relationship issues

Counseling is a kind of Life Coaching but more focused on interpersonal problems. Do you have a conflict or dispute and want to talk to someone about it. Then TheONE's counselors are a perfect medium.

A dispute or a quarrel can sometimes go from bad to worse, but with professional services from a counselor, some situations can be solved quickly without unnecessary unpleasant emotions or frustrations. A counselor asks about the situation as a professional interlocutor and gives you tools to not let problems escalate. Sometimes it's only about you. But in other cases, it can be useful to start a dialogue with a Counselor via Live Video Interaction on CallTheONE together with the person you have a conflict with.

What is the benefit of counseling services or individuals via CallTheONE?

  • Immediately someone available and the session can start instantly
  • You pay per minute so you can determine the costs yourself
  • You can see each other through the Live Video calling and that makes the conversation more personal than if you would just give the Counselor a phone call

Counseling involves mutual trust between you and the Counselor. A Counselor, therefore, often first asks for an intake interview to build up this trust.

The best Counselors services direct available via CallTheONE

Problems should not get worse. That is why adequate intervention by a Counselor is sometimes something you do not want to wait for. There can be different situations when a Counselor offers a solution via Live Video Interaction. For instance:

  • Business disputes: You and your business partner or colleague have a difference of opinion with disagreement as a result.
  • Personal conflicts: You have been arguing with friends or family for ages, and every time you talk, the conflict becomes bigger.
  • A conflict with yourself: You know somewhere in your mind that you have to deal with things differently, but you are not capable of change.

There are many more situations where a counselor can immediately offer a solution. Therefore we provide instant contact with a Counseling Professional to explain your situation. The Counselor will immediately indicate what he or she can mean for you or refer you to another specialist.

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