Online depression counseling for men and women

Dealing with depression is stressful for everyone, including yourself. Online depression counseling for men and women can make things easier. Experienced counselors and professionals at CallTheONE are online and ready to speak to you via Live Video Calling to help you in this challenging situation.

If you have questions about depression or need treatment or advice now, call or chat instantly with an online depression counselor. Depression is not a disease and can often be treated by a coach, therapist, or professional.

Do I have depression?

Everyone feels a little down or unhappy at times. That doesn't mean you have an immediate depression. Sometimes all this just goes against the grain, or you have a little less energy.

It's also not the case that if you regularly attempt suicide, it means that it confesses that you are depressed. Research has shown that 1 in 5 people suffer or have suffered from depression to a greater or lesser degree.

To know whether you suffer from depression, it is best to seek advice from an experienced online coach, psychologist, or therapist. If you suffer from depression, you can often be helped quickly without medication.

Depression is a disease, and we now know better and better how to cure it.

What are some symptoms of depression?

Only professional doctors and coaches can determine if someone is depressed. Here we list some of the symptoms of depression:

  • Loss of energy despite enough sleep
  • Feeling hopeless and or worthless
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Less interaction with friends and little desire to leave the house
  • You eat less healthy than before and sport less
  • Suicide thoughts
  • You do not know how long you can keep up with your partner while you feel love
  • Changes in your eating habits or weight
  • You react stressed to situations where you would otherwise react normally

A depression, overstrained, or a burnout?

Living with depression can make you feel hopeless at times. The diagnosis of whether someone is overstrained has a burnout or has a depression can only be made by a professional coach or doctor. Not all depression coaches can make this diagnosis.

Often they can refer you to the right institutions that can give a diagnosis. However, this can be very expensive and a big step to take. TheONE is the first, most comfortable, and affordable step.

Is alcohol a depressant?

People have been using alcohol as a depressant for centuries. In most countries, it is a drink that is available everywhere and without a prescription. However, this solution to not feeling depressed is only temporary. You numb your feelings for a short period of time, or it calms you down, making you feel better for a while.

In the long run, the use of alcohol as a depressant can become an addiction and can cause a lot of damage to your brain, your environment and the functioning of society. Because of this, it is not a proper treatment for depression.

One of the most important hormones that determine our mood is serotonin. This lucky hormone has a significant influence on how we feel and even behave. Many antidepressant medications contain serotonin or allow you to produce more serotonin.

Alcohol significantly reduces serotonin levels within 45 minutes. So if you drink too much alcohol regularly, your body will hardly be able to make enough serotonin.

That is why it is strongly advised not to drink alcohol if you have depressive feelings, and it is wise to stop drinking alcohol entirely before taking medication against depression.

Online depression counseling and treatment for men and women

You can call online depression counseling coaches and therapists on CallTheONE via live video calling for questions about depression treatment, how to deal with depression, or how to recognize depression with your partner. They are instantly available for men and women.

It often happens that you think you are depressed but are just exhausted or often and quickly get angry or learned to become a pessimist. On the other hand, many people deny all symptoms of depression. Get informed about the ins and outs of depression and know what steps to take.

If you can not make contact with your partner if he or she is depressed, the online coaches specialized in depression understand that. They are a listening ear and can advise you on the best treatment for depression.

How to help if your spouse is depressed?

If your spouse is depressed, you want to help. You give tips and advice, but nothing seems to matter. Often this has nothing to do with your advice itself, but with the nature of the depression.

An online depression coach can explain why your well-intentioned advice does not work and gives you tips on what you can do. For instance:

  • Be aware that your spouse is unlikely to be able to meet your expectations and needs
  • Your spouse will forget things faster and you can support him or her by memorizing it yourself
  • Give less advice because your partner is often unable to follow them up
  • Stay in physical contact with each other and continue to talk to each other
  • Show love and remember why you used to love each other

Remember that you have never studied or learned to deal with a depressed spouse or were probably never depressed before. Therefore, call or chat for online professional depression assistance. Or at least talk to someone about it.

Depression does not just need time. Professional help is generally a condition for overcoming depression. If you are worried about your spouse, you can find help via online depression coaches and therapists at TheONE. You can also talk and ask a question about depression. If they can not help, they can refer you to the right professional depression counselor.

How to take care of yourself when your spouse is depressed?

Sometimes you can best help your spouse with depression by first take care of yourself. If your partner is depressed, it also affects you. You might not feel seen, and everything seems to be in the sign of your spouse.

If you keep adjusting yourself to the situation for a more extended period, you can lose yourself. Therefore, take care of yourself first to be able to take care of your spouse in a better way. You can also call or chat with an online life coach via TheONE for tips, advice, or coaching for yourself.

Do you always need medication in case of depression

Until a few years ago, people didn't really know what caused depression. The only remedy was to administer medication. Nowadays, more and more is known about depression, and a clear distinction is made between a physical condition and a mental condition.

Mental disorders that cause depression usually no longer require medication. Wassili Zafiris has done extensive research into the cause and treatment of depression and has developed various treatment methods.

How to find the right counselor?

Finding the right counselor, psychologist, therapist, or mental coach may take a little research. First, you can search in the search box above for a depression specialist and scroll through their profiles. Check if their hashtags and info match your criteria and needs. Give the one(s) you prefer a call; the first minute is always free. Before calling, you can also send the counselor a free chat message with your questions. You can do this by using our website or free app.

Where can I find depression counseling near me?

With CallTheONE, you can find depression counseling wherever you are and call or chat with online coaches, therapists, and professionals. They come from all over the world with knowledge or experience about depression. You pay per minute as long as the call lasts, and the first minute is free. Do not wait too long to get help and treatment.

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