Tips & tricks from gardeners

Trees, plants and flower lovers and professional gardening experts like to share their tips, tricks, passion, and knowledge with you via a Live Video Connection. Sometimes only one piece of advice is enough to get you started. That is why you pay per minute and the first minute is free. This way you know for free whether you get the right person on the line and you never pay too much for valuable advice.

If you do not know the name of a tree or plant, it is very difficult - or impossible - to find information on the Internet or in books. When and how should you prune? Why does the plant seem to die and what can you do about it? Questions that are relevant for lovers of trees, plants, and flowers and very easy to answer for experts.

At CallTheONE, your answer to questions about flowers, plants, and trees is quickly found. Find the right professional or hobbyist and call via a Live Video Connection. Your reimbursement is automatically settled per minute and the first minute is free.

You can call TheONE trees, plants and flowers lovers for anything. For example for questions such as:

  • Maintenance of all types of trees, plants, and flowers
  • Garden landscaping, architecture, and maintenance
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Maintenance of grass
  • Ponds and fish
  • Plants for your balcony
  • Take care of plants in the winter
  • Bonsai trees
  • The best garden tools
  • Nutrients for plants, trees, grass, and flowers
  • and much more

The most practical tip of professional gardeners at your fingertips

Trees, plants, and flowers lovers & professionals have a passion that they like to share with you. Save yourself hours behind the computer to search for tips and call directly with those who already know.

If you have a passion for something, you want to talk about it. That is also the case on TheONE. Therefore, make use of that knowledge and prevent trees, plants or flowers from dying too quickly or being in a wrong place or getting the wrong treatment.

The top 3 benefits of gardening

Gardening is a hobby and for some a profession. But gardening has more advantages than a nice summer evening with a glass of wine and friends enjoying the smells and colors of your own creation.

What are some of the benefits of gardening?

  • Gardening is easy and feels for some people like a meditation
  • By maintaining your garden you create order and regularity in your life
  • A well-kept garden makes your home more valuable
  • Trees and plants provide oxygen
  • Different scents of a plant or tree change your taste
  • After losing your job or when you retire, gardening can become a new day spending so you will not get bored

CallTheONE for direct advice if you want to know something

Trees, plants, and flowers are very sensitive to the type of soil, amount of water and the amount and intensity of (sun)light they get. Without taking this into account, they can die quickly or do not reach full bloom. You can prevent this by clever advice from trees, plants and flower lovers and professionals.

Call now for all your questions via the Live Video Connection and ask, inspire or inquire about what can be improved on CallTheONE.

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