Permaculture principles and gardening

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The world could have been in better shape than it is today. Permaculture experts believe this in heart and soul. In 1978 David Holmgren studied Environmental Design and discovered a discrepancy between how we humans act and how nature organizes itself. That inspired him to the term "permanent agriculture" which was later enriched by adding various other aspects of our society. The term permaculture was born.

In essence, permaculture is about how we as humans can live in synergy with each other and nature without compromising anything or anyone. Just like nature does. Nature is a closed ecosystem where everything benefits from each other and therefore creates a sustainable existence. Humanity is the only disturbing factor in this.

The essence of permaculture

Permaculture is a holistic approach that is all-embracing. The bottom line is that there are three basic principles that permaculture supporters adhere to.

  • Take care of the earth
  • Take care of other people
  • Do not use and consume more than you need

Permaculture activists take these basic principles seriously and apply them to everything - or at least as many aspects as possible in their lives.

Permaculture zones

One of the permaculture principles is thinking in 6 zones. The first zone is the zone where you have the most influence and which requires the most maintenance and the fifth zone is the zone with the least influence and also needs the least maintenance. This theory is also based on how you can deal with agriculture. Plant nearby need the most maintenance and you want to use them on a daily basis. Plant further away requires little to no maintenance and you need them rarely.

Permaculture aspects

Permaculture is all-embracing. From how you design a building to how you do laundry. It is about much more than recycling or sustainable building or trading. It is a philosophy that enforces a responsible lifestyle. Not because they have to, but because permaculture experts want it in the interest of all of us.

Are permaculture supporters hippies?

Opponents of the permaculture movement claim that the ideas are an old-fashioned hippie idea. If this were true, millions of project developers, architects, supermarkets, farmers, entrepreneurs, banks, universities and you name it, would all have become hippies, because the movement can be seen everywhere today. Permaculture includes sustainability, recycling, fair trade, meaningful entrepreneurship and much more. Because permaculture is a holistic approach, it basically includes everything that benefits everyone.

If you want to contact a permaculture expert, call now and learn more about how you can create more together without harming.

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