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If you are not sure what kind of job you like to do, career consultants at TheONE can give you the advice to make up your mind. In a one on one conversation via Live Video Calling, a Career consultant helps you to discover your passion and investigates together with you the possibilities that suit your ambitions.

Career consultants and coaches help you make the right choices for your career. Are you looking for a dream job, don't know what you like or what you can do? By entering into a conversation with career consultants or coaches, you can find out together what your possibilities are. It is possible that you hadn't thought of a particular job at all and that during the interview you suddenly find out that it can be something great for you.

Career consultants through TheONE are not expensive. You pay per minute as long as you keep the consultancy going. Besides, the first minute is free. This is a free and friendly way to get to know each other first. Call a personal career consultant today and discover your passion and dream job.

Finding new opportunities with a career consultant

New opportunities are waiting for you when talking to a career consultant. Finding a job that you enjoy can be difficult if you have already had a lot of jobs but never had the feeling that you liked it. You may even start doubting yourself about whether there is a suitable job for you at all.

Career consultants, coaches, and life coaches at TheONE understand your feeling and doubt. Consult a career coach enables you to look into the future with confidence again and to be able to make the right choices.

One of the methods our experts can use is to make a personal SWOT analysis. It helps you to determine what your strong and weak points are. You will also look at external opportunities and threats. It is a great way to develop your career strategy.

Career consultants, coaches, and supervisors master the skills to find out what your passion is. There is a suitable job for every passion, although this may require additional training. Do you have a job, but are you not happy, or are you looking for a job for a while, but you don't know precisely what you are good at? Then contact a career consultant who can support you in making your choice.

There are countless types of work, from physical labor to jobs that make your brain crack. Not every kind of work suits you, and maybe you do not yet have the knowledge or skills for some positions. Many people who find it challenging to choose the right job often have doubts about whether they should learn more or choose from the jobs they are already capable of.

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Ask advice from a career consultant for studying and learning more or not?

Advice from a career consultant gives you insights if you need to study and learn more or not. Maybe you have a passion for a profession that you are not yet skilled for. A career consultant or supervisor master the skills to find out what your passion is.

A career consultant or a mental coach can also help you to visualize how such a job could be without actually having the job. It may be that you have created a too romantic image of that dream job and that it is quite disappointing in reality.

Misleading motives in the pursuit of a specific type of job

Humans can come up with a very negative or positive scenario about the future without knowing the facts. So-called prejudices then prevail and ensure that we see only one side of the coin.

Prejudices regarding a particular profession can be, for example:

  • Beliefs about the kind of people: e.g., Only stupid and lazy people or people who feel better than others work here.
  • Beliefs about the type of work: e.g., Far too heavy physical labor or work where you only have meetings all-day
  • Beliefs about the reward versus effort: e.g., A massive reward for doing almost nothing or getting paid far too little for working too hard
  • Beliefs about status and prestige: From that specific job you will be looked at with prestige or counter-wise

What does a career consultant do?

A career consultant will talk to you to find out where your passion and talents are. But he or she also investigates if you don't set too high a standard for yourself or a new job. Everyone would like a job where you can earn a year's salary by working 1 hour per month. Unfortunately, very few people can do that. So it is also essential to remain realistic.

It does not mean that there are often still a lot of great opportunities within the labor market for you. Even though you have been looking for years, with the help and advice of a career consultant, the search becomes easier. Through TheONE, you can get support in various ways. For example, think about:

  • Assistance in matching your talents and with different jobs
  • Assistance in drafting an effective application letter
  • Assistance in finding excellent and affordable continuing education
  • Help with finding out what you like about a job

Career consultants know what it takes to find the right job, but they can also support you when it comes to feeling happy again or getting happy again about your current situation.

Career consultants help to filter information

By filtering the fantasy world and your prejudices from reality by the career consultant, it is easier to make a sensible choice as to whether you want to pursue that dream job. Re-training or learning also requires a lot of time and energy, so you want to be sure that you make a choice that feels good later on.

Mental reasons for not being able to choose a job

There are more reasons why you may find it challenging to choose the right position. They are usually mental. Sometimes it is, therefore, advisable to have a good overview of everything before you make essential choices. Both career consultants and Personal coaches can help you with this.

Three rational reasons why you find it challenging to choose a new job are:

  • Decreased resilience, which may cause self-doubt and you do not value yourself sufficiently.
  • Overconfidence so that you greatly overestimate your qualities
  • Laziness which makes you think that everything should come to you without making any effort for it

Via CallTheONE, you can instantly call a career consultant or a life coach via Live Video Calling.

In a confidential conversation, you can indicate what you think causes your doubt. The consultant or coach will immediately be able to give you advice, tips, and tools to take the next step. You pay per minute with the first minute being free. Because you decide how long the conversation lasts, you only pay as much as you want.

Career consultants for prisoners

If you've been in prison, finding a job can be hard work without the help of career consultants. Many people don't want anything to do with you and don't trust you. Often there is no reason at all to do so, but it does not make it easy for you to find a job.

Career consultants can think along with you and help you find work. Think, for example, of remote work via CallTheONE. You too, have talents and knowledge that others can use. Maybe you can prepare people in case they have to go to prison themselves for the first time.

Career consultants for recent graduates

When you have just finished your studies, finding the right job can be a big step. Career consultants can help you out. It will partly determine your CV, and if you don't make the right choice, you may become miserable.

This can undoubtedly be the case if your study does not fit in at all with what you would like to do. You are not alone in this. A lot of young people decide to study because their parents told them to, or a few years ago they thought it would be fun. If you call them, career coaches can look for a solution together with you via the live video call.

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