Advice on social media management

A social media consultant is immediately available for advice at CallTheONE. Here to help you out and consult you on the preparation and/or implementation of a social media management plan. Contact them via Live Video calling and get an instant answer to your questions about how you can manage your social media to generate maximum reach. These social media experts have made it their profession to handle social media every day. Using their knowledge was never this easy.

What is social media management?

Social media management is about involvement through interaction with social media followers. A social media manager monitors the consistency between the various social media channels. This can be the same kind of promotions, the same kind of service or the same kind of brand image.

What does a social media manager do?

A social media manager takes care of the online content on the social media channels and the interaction with the followers. A social media manager often works together with a brand and e-commerce manager. Because a lot of questions are received via social media, the social media manager often works together with the service department as well.

Within smaller companies, all posts and advertisements are usually made by themselves. As the company grows and makes intensive use of social media, content writers and online advertising agencies are hired.

How do you monitor the effect of social media?

Social media is relatively easy to monitor by looking at the reach, interaction, and sentiment within the various channels. There are several programs with which you can make this easy to understand. Semrush is currently popular in this area.

Social media can also give you a very detailed insight into who is interested in your brand or products. You can easily find out age, gender, geographical location, and interests. This can help you to better tune your communication to the right target group.

Why is social media management important?

The importance of social media management can be seen, for example, in how the multinational Dell almost went bankrupt without the proper use of social media.

... ...

Years ago, a journalist had problems with his new Dell computer. The problem was not solved and he became so angry about it that he was desperate. Because he already had a lot of Twitter followers at that time, he decided to put his complaint online.

At that time, such negative messages were often ignored, but Dell's social media manager decided to publicly enter into a dialogue on Twitter. She acknowledged Dell's problems and told her what she was going to do about them.

In addition, of course, the problems with the journalist's computer were solved immediately. Because of the openness that the social media manager gave and the solution-oriented way in which she communicated, Dell got a much more positive image.

Until then, the sales results were disappointing every quarter, but since the company implemented this communication strategy throughout its entire business, there was an upward trend again.

Get instant advice on social media management

The number of social media channels keeps on rising and using all channels in the right way for your product or brand can be a lot of work. Advice on social media management can benefit you extremely coming from a real social media specialist who knows everything about it. That is why you can now be advised directly on which tools and programs to use to get the most out of your social media channels.

Once you have initiated the Live Video connection, you only pay for the duration of the call. The first minute is free so that you know for sure that you have contacted the right social media management professional. Here are the three main benefits of social media management advice from social media consultants at CallTheONE:

  • Direct contact via a Live Video connection
  • Only pay while the call lasts
  • Remote screen sharing

With CallTheONE you have easy and direct access to a social media consultant from all over the world. View their profiles and contact the professional of your choice.

What kind of tasks does a social media manager have?

A social media manager has the expertise to deal efficiently and effectively with one or more social media channels. They can support campaigns or help with routine content tracking. In addition, they know a lot about how you can best organize and manage your social media channels for easy maintenance.

There are a lot of things to do when setting up and maintaining social media channels. Areas that social media experts have knowledge of include:

  • Setting up and expanding new social media channels
  • Visitor analysis and engagement monitoring
  • Social media content creation and hashtag management
  • Content consistency monitoring
  • Social media lead generation
  • Organization of social media management tools

Most social media management consultants have also studied related areas such as:

Social media management via a Live Video connection

On CallTheONE, Social Media Management professionals work primarily via the Live Video connection. After the first meeting, you can always decide together that the work will take place on location. However, this is often not necessary and a social media management consultant can perform all activities remotely. This saves travel time, costs, and is much more efficient.

Thanks to TheONE Expert app in the IOS and Android store you can always contact your personal social media consultant from anywhere. This way, you won't leave a minute unused during your working day.

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