Learn how to become a coach

Do you want to learn to become a coach, but don't want to take classroom lessons? At TheONE you can learn to coach from teachers who teach via live video calling. Remote lessons that are tailored to you, wherever and whenever you want. Experienced coaching teachers give different coaching lessons for life coaching or business coaching. You don't pay any registration fee and can start your first lesson right away.

In general, you pay the lesson automatically per minute, so if you have a little less time, you also pay less. Find the right coaching teacher now and start an introduction meeting today. The first minute of contact is free!

Worldwide there are about 250,000 certified coaches, but there are many more coaches active. You don't always have to be certified to coach someone. Coaching means that you help someone on his or her way to free his or her full potential. This can be business, private, with sports or for example with learning. On TheONE you will find all kinds of coaching trainers. After completing the right coaching course, you can also offer your services as a coach and help people remotely via our live video connection.

Online coaching course | Lesson via live video interaction

At CallTheONE, we have no borders. That is why coaches from all over the world are connected to teach you the coaching profession. You can easily choose the right coach based on their profile and their appreciation of others and you can do your first intake immediately.

Advantages of online coaching via TheONE:

  • Pay per minute for the duration of the lesson
  • Always a coach instructor that you have a match with
  • Personal face2face lessons at your own pace
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No expensive textbooks
  • Start immediately and teach whenever and wherever you want

Online coaching course | What to expect

The coaching teacher will tailor the course according to your needs. During the intake, you indicate what kind of coach you want to become and what you want to learn. The Coaching teacher will add to the curriculum what he or she thinks you have more to learn. During the intake, you can discuss each other's expectations.

Topics that are always on the agenda during the coaching lessons include:

Depending on the specialism and the type of coaching technique, other subjects will be discussed. You will then delve into techniques that are only necessary in certain cases. Think about this:

  • Visualization techniques, when someone thinks images and has trouble putting something into words.
  • Motion techniques, if someone prefers to show something instead of telling about it.
  • Hard feedback, if someone needs to undergo a mental reset

Let an online coaching instructor inform you about what else you can learn. Because of the wide range of online coaching trainers, the range of subjects to be learned is endless. If you start a coaching course, then you will never stop learning.

Online coaching course | How to get customers

Experienced online coaching trainers already have customers and know how to get them. They will be happy to share with you how they have found their customers within a specific target group. A good site and promotions on, for example, social media will help, but the most effective way to do this is by word of mouth.

As soon as you start your coaching online coaching course, you will have to start practicing. You immediately put into practice what you have learned and gain experience. Of course, you will tell the person who coaches you that you are still learning.

The people you coach from the beginning are your first ambassadors. Let them tell about you and before you know it, you'll have quite a few clients when you've finished your training.

Call an experienced online coaching trainer now and ask about the possibilities.

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