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Mentoring businesses is about supporting you as an entrepreneur or manager. Online business coaches at TheONE are willing to offer you the best service they can.

When you're running a business, you're hoping everything's okay. Sales are good, and turnover is rising and employees are satisfied. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The market shrinks, or competition makes it difficult for you.

Only a few factors can make your business hard to handle. If you are looking to share your challenges, ideas, or strategies with a professional business coach, you can now remote contact the ideal sparring partner via a live video call.

Business coaches are a sparring partner and can give you insights into where there is still room for personal or business improvement. You automatically pay per minute during the call, so for a small fee, you get the best tips and advice.

Business mentors are independent sparring partners

Don't wait to call a business mentor. You already have a board of directors, good colleagues, or a group of - business - friends who provide you with all kinds of advice. You don't get the answers you're looking for. Recognizable?

Business mentors can serve as external sparring partners who have not yet been influenced by the sentiment built up in the past. This literal and figurative distance can quickly lead to new insights.

Business mentors help you with new personal or business insights. They will mostly have no judgment but will ask questions until the core of the situation is clear. Most business mentors are experienced entrepreneurs themselves or have assisted various other entrepreneurs.

What is the benefit of a business mentor or coach?

In general, a business mentor or coach works with a clear request for help. In some cases, it is not yet possible to ask for help. It is because you feel that something is not right, but you do not yet know what the cause is. That is why you can contact business mentors or coaches for a variety of subjects and questions. For example:

Of course, it is also sometimes nice to ventilate your mind with a "stranger" who has no background in your business. Business mentors and coaches at TheONE are first and foremost a listening ear.

How do mentoring businesses work?

Depending on whether you already have a request for help or need to formulate a question, most business coaches will first ask you what you need. By identifying the core of the need for support, mentorship and coaching become more goal-oriented and practical.

Because you are usually busy with your business day and night, including everything that goes with it, you may have so-called blind spots. Business mentors and coaches help you to identify them.

Business mentorship and coaching and blind spots

Blind spots are areas of attention that are overlooked from self-evidence, professional deformation or ignorance. You don't think about it anymore. If you made a decision years ago, you might never want to reconsider it, even though circumstances have changed over the years.

Business mentors and coaches are open-minded and can, therefore, make you aware of your blind spots. It broadens your choices and can bring you closer to the solution, especially when it comes to creating a business plan of a new strategy.

Many business mentors and coaches are also personal coaches and have acquired the skills to assist you in your personal development. Personal coaching and Business mentorship and coaching, therefore, often go hand in hand.

What are the steps in mentoring businesses?

Mentoring businesses and coaching is never a predefined process. The fundament is to build up a relationship of trust and respect. Besides that, every business mentor and coach has his or her approach.

Most will start with an intake interview to assess what is needed to help you further. Do you have a short question, or do you want long-term strategic guidance? In general, a trajectory looks like this:

  1. Introduction and intake
  2. Determining the request for help
  3. Drawing up and discussing the plan of action
  4. Remote guidance via live video calling

If desired and if the location allows it, you can choose to make a face2face appointment. TheONE facilitates live video calling - also available as an App for your Smartphone - but does not force you to discuss everything via a call. You can also make joint agreements with the mentor about the fees. Our goal is to share knowledge. If video calling does not contribute to this, you are free to find other ways.

How much does mentoring businesses and coaching cost?

Many entrepreneurs see mentoring businesses and coaching as an investment and not as a cost. Each business coach can determine his or her rate. In principle, you pay per minute for the duration of the video call.

On the profile page of the business mentor or coach, you can see which experience someone has and within which industry. You can also see the rating given by other callers. You can imagine that someone with more experience will also charge more. Because the first minute is free, you can first try a few people before you decide to take a longer route.

Call a for mentoring businesses and coaching now and make leaps and bounds in your (business) development.

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