Let’s Make Math Education Relevant For Real Life

Some disciplines are easy to study, according to statistics, and some are tough for a number of people. Many students apply for professional math assignment help from writing services because they cannot beat the tasks by themselves. Why does this happen? For some students, studying math seems like an execution, as they cannot understand why they should dedicate so much effort to something that is not applicable to real life. Our arguments below prove that math is beneficial and relevant for real life.


You need to apply math in dozens of daily routines, and cooking is one of them. Even if you aren't planning to become a master chef, you’ll need to measure spices and other ingredients, as well as calculate fractions. If you do not know how to do it, your final product will not be satisfying. However, maybe you can afford to eat only in restaurants. In that case, you can relax.

Grocery shopping

Some primary school teachers take children to grocery stores to learn vital practical skills. It is a great idea to show them how to apply basic knowledge in real life. For example, you will require simple counting when buying the needed amount of cucumbers or pineapples to cook a diner. Supermarkets, food markets, and other stores are the perfect formula to apply your mathematical skills.

Interior design

It is vital to apply your math knowledge when designing your house or even simply maintain it. To get the correct amount of decorative elements or the measurements of your room, you will apply math often. Moreover, interior design assumes estimations, budgeting, and more steps that are vital. If you cannot make correct calculations, the final look of your room will not be satisfactory.

Working out

To make your exercises effective, you will require counting the attempts you make during a particular period. Sometimes you need to calculate the amount of food you eat and the number of times you eat per day. Many people who train calculate the protein to fat ratio, calories, and other vital elements that make the training process successful.

Planning trips

You will not be able to plan a trip to your dream destination without the help of basic mathematical knowledge. For example, if you are going on a car trip, you will need to make many calculations. You will count how many hours will you be on the go, how many times you will stop, how much food and fuel you would need to buy, and many other vital parts of trip planning.

Using gadgets

Gadgets are bound to math tightly. You will not be able to dial a number to call your friend, as you will require knowing the numbers to do it. Moreover, to use a computer, you will also apply mathematical knowledge. When you send a fax, you also dial numbers and deal with math essentials. Even when you play video games, you require using math to succeed and win.

Calculating your budget

It is vital to take care of your funds because you have to track and see how much you are spending to succeed and save for something important for you. To understand how much money you have and plan your future spending, you will apply math knowledge.

Planning parties

We can bet you are not going to engage professional event planners each time you have a party. However, even a cozy celebration for ten persons requires applying math knowledge. You will need to provide calculations of the necessary amount of food and beverages; moreover, you might need to deal with a catering company providing them with details. When planning the schedule for the party, you will need to figure out how much time will be spent on each activity.

Bottom line

Math is beneficial for real life. To prove its relevance, we have gathered above some of the numerous examples of applying math knowledge in daily activities. We hope the ideas we provided have shown you that math is already everywhere. Keep looking at life from different angles and be inspired every day!

Ben Steenstra Ben Steenstra
20-04-2021 4 mins read
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