How to write a business plan

Thousands of books are written about how to write a business plan. Now you can instantly talk to the people who have read many of those books and/or have written many business plans.

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Writing a business plan is not difficult if you know how to start and what needs to be in there. You can use a template but still you can have a hard time by not writing to much details or by accident skip the important parts that needs to be in. Business plan advisors of CallTheONE can tell you all about the do’s and don’ts of writing a business plan that fits the need of your target audience.

Business plan expert can help you with the following information:

  • What format suits your business
  • What outline should be included in your business plan
  • What is the best software can you use to write a business plan
  • How can you begin to write and what are the most important aspects of your business plan
  • And probably they can recommend you perfect business plan examples

The best tip to start writing a business plan is starting with THE BIG WHY

Every business deserves a different approach when you start writing a business plan, but some aspects are fundamental and for every company the same. Start with THE BIG WHY. You need to know and need to start by writing down THE BIG WHY. If you have difficulties with writing it down, business coaches of TheONE can instantly ask you the right question to help you formulate your personal BIG WHY. You can also ask the help of a Startup Business Coach

What is THE BIG WHY?

The BIG WHY is why your company is needed for society. We don’t mean why your product or service is better! We mean why your company is needed within our society. Question you can ask yourself when starting your business plan are:

  • What makes it that makes you company special?
  • Why does nobody do it the way you (new) company does or will do?
  • How does society benefit from you having a company and why is this really benefit?
  • What is the difference you make that is really a difference?

The second most important aspect of a Business Plan is your Vision!

If you know what is your BIG WHY, the second most important aspect is your vision about the world in 5 tot 15 years from now. People say that the real visionairs can see beyond the horizon and that is your second task when starting to write a business plan. The business plan coaches of CallTheONE can help you by asking question about your vision. Question they could ask are:

  • How does the world look like in 10 years when you think about your service or product?
  • What will be the shopping or purchase behaviour of your kind of customers in 10 years?
  • How will the competition behave in 10 years? Etc

Become a Profit or a Meaningful Profit Enterprise

Based on your vision you can decide if you want to become a traditional Profit Enterprise or if a Meaningful Profit Business Model is better for your business.

You don’t need to have a detailed view about it but for creating a vision it it very useful ask many of these kind of questions. Because after that you can ask yourself the final question:

What is the dream I have about the world and why is my (future) company needed to contribute to this world?

Once you wrote this down by yourself or with the help of ONE of the Business Coaches at CallTheONE, you can make your next steps and potentially create the Best Business Plan ever!

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