Business development consultants

Business development consultants are instantly available for questions, support or strategic guidance. Call via the Live Video connection and pay per minute for the advice. Are you looking for new markets, opportunities for sales or do you want to expand your service portfolio? Business development consultants at TheONE know how to handle your challenges.

Business development strategy

Business development is the art of building lasting relationships with potential customers and expand existing markets or tapping into new markets. Business development consultants are both analytical and creative and know how to match supply and demand. Business development consultants are also good at establishing and maintaining relationships and building a network.

Most business development consultants are very goal-driven and enjoy working with predefined KPIs. Because of their insights into the market and an eye for the needs of a market, they know how to bring your company, product or service to the attention of the target group and to generate demand.

Get support on your business development strategy from a specialist of your choice directly at CallTheONE.

Business development is a matter of perseverance

Approaching a new market or providing a better service to an existing target group requires a great deal of experience and enormous perseverance. Experienced business development specialists cannot be put off by hearing the word "no" 100 times over. They stick to their goals and continue until the turnover grows.

Why hire a business development consultant through TheONE?

You do not need an expensive business development consultant for every issue. Sometimes brief advice is sufficient to get started yourself. That's why you pay per minute at CallTheONE and the first minute is free. Reasons to hire a business development consultant through TheONE can include:

  • You have a short question that you want an immediate answer on
  • You want advice from a business development consultant in another country that knows the local market
  • You want to hire a business development consultant but first want to test whether he or she is capable

Business development in another country

Save yourself the trouble of visiting another country yourself to investigate your market opportunities. Business development consultants at TheONE are all over the world and you can ask them anything you want to know. They know the local market and can give you insights where there are opportunities for your product or service. This saves a lot of time and unnecessary costs. And if you decide to enter a new market in a new country, you immediately have a local contact person.

Business development and sales

There is a difference between selling something and approaching a new market or expanding an existing market as business development. Sales are much more short-term focused, while a business development specialist will build up a network and establish sustainable relationships and partnerships. What a business development professional deals with is, for example:

  • Setting up a distribution network
  • Gaining the interest of a retail channel
  • Gaining new partnerships
  • Concluding long-term contracts

Experienced business development consultants focus on the long term instead of a direct sale. In need of further growth or sustainable expansion within existing or new target groups? Call now for advice from a business development specialist.

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