Online Video Calling integration lowers after-sales costs

The costs of after-sales services can be significantly reduced thanks to smart use of an online video calling integration. In Europe, the cost of a call center employee varies between 49,- and 99,- dollars per hour. The price partly depends on which services are required. Each contact with a customer who has questions costs an average of 15 dollars. This is usually more than the margin made on a purchase in the retail sector.

It appears that customers who are satisfactorily helped by a call center employees are up to 5 times more inclined to make a recurring purchase within three months. This means that investing in a good call center quickly pays for itself, but what if you can reduce the costs per customer contact to 0.- Euro?

Online Video Call integration lowers after-sales costs

After-sales via Online Video Calling

How about aftersales via live video calling? An average retailer in Europe pays around 10 dollars per hour for an employee. Research shows that on average, 20% of their time employees do nothing or have nothing to do during working hours.

In other words, five employees could theoretically replace one call center employee if they have the right tools. Live Video Calling is a tool that can increase the efficiency of an employee and reduce the costs of after sales.


Let after-sales employees handle complaints via Online Video Calling

Customers who have a complaint can be redirected to any employee via online video calling. The phone rings at all available employees who are working and the first employee to answer the call gets the customer on the line.

The same can be achieved with calling or the regular phone, but Live Video Calling offers more benefits than just using the time of the employees effectively.

What are the benefits of having employees handle complaints via Online Video Calling?

  • If people can see each other, they are more likely to behave politely. This saves a lot of time and ensures that the conversation is about the problem rather than the frustration that consumers can experience.

  • Thanks to the online video calling integration, the after-sales employee can use the customer's Smartphone camera to see if, and if so, what is going on with the product that has been purchased. Minor malfunctions can be solved immediately, and the customer can be helped remotely with settings or adjustments.

  • By assisting the customer in remotely via live video calling, you can avoid expensive and sometimes unnecessary shipping costs for products that turned out not to be malfunctioning at all afterward.

  • By seeing each other, the after-sales employee can show more empathy than via calling or a telephone. The customer will feel more comfortable with the service.

  • Unlike call center employees, the employees on the sales floor have the instant product knowledge. What an employee does not know, he can instantly ask one of his colleagues. The speed of answers is experienced by every customer as positive, which can lead to more recurring purchases.

online Video calling

Letting after-sales employees answer questions via Live Video Calling

Customers have questions before they make a purchase. Despite the amount of information that can be found online on your site or via Google, some questions will remain unanswered, allowing customers to drop out.

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Instant contact via live video calling
Pay per minute and the first minute is always free

Through video call solution or the possibility to contact you by phone, the threshold to contact is lowered, but also here live video calling integration offers more advantages.

A customer who is online and can contact an employee instantly via online video calling can ask to view products via the employee's Smartphone camera remotely.

By adding expertise to an after-sales employee's profile, the customer can choose which employee he wants to have a conversation with. The online video calling solution CallTheONE has a callback function that allows the customer to be contacted at a later time if the after-sales employee is unavailable.

Call me back function

What does an online video calling integration cost?

Various solutions can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. CallTheONE has customized and standard solutions. The standard solution consists of web integration via the available (WordPress) plugin.

All after-sales employees profiles can be presented on their site free of charge. Thanks to the dashboard, the frequency, and duration of each call can be monitored. You can decide for yourself whether the customer has to pay per minute or whether it is a free call.

With tailor-made solutions, the possibilities are unlimited. The convenience and added value for the customer of an online video calling integration has no boundaries.

TheONE Wordpress online video calling plugin

If you want to know more about the possibilities, do not hesitate to contact a team member of TheONE.

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07-05-2019 5 mins read
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