Strategists at CallTheONE can assist you remotely through strategic questions via Live Video Interaction. Do you have a strategic dilemma for your company or do you have a new product or service that requires an introduction strategy? Call instantly with a strategist who can help you.

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The word strategy originally comes from the army. It determines your plan of approach in the future at the battlefield. Just like chess, you decide which moves you will make in the hope that the counterparty will do what you expect. If the counterparty does something else then you want a plan B should be ready. Good strategists can think many steps ahead and sometimes have 3 or 4 alternative plans

Strategists usually have their own expertise that is related to a specific industry. That is because as a strategist you need a lot of market knowledge to determine the right strategy. The guideline for and strategist is always your mission and vision and preferably also your BIg Why.

What do strategists do?

A strategist sits down with you or your team to work out different options for your company or product / service. Usually a lot of data is first collected to calculate the chances that there are. These are figures about the target group, purchasing behavior, decision moments, reputation and more.

What can you ask a strategist, among other things?

  • Develop a business strategy to enter a new or existing market
  • Develop a product launch strategy for a new product
  • Develop a takeover strategy to accelerate the growth of the company
  • Develop a growth strategy within a specific target group
  • Develop a strategy to attract more customers or members

In fact, a strategist can be used for everything that requires a well-considered plan.

What can a strategist do that you cannot do yourself

As an entrepreneur or head of a certain division, you have probably developed a strategy yourself more often. Most strategists are not there to take over your work, but to support you. These strategic sparring partners challenge you to make the right choice and to analyze all alternatives.

Why a strategist via TheONE?

The strategists at TheONE are immediately accessible and deployable. You can call for strategic advice wherever and whenever you want without an appointment. This prevents high costs because you pay per minute. Even though you may agree other price agreements yourself, paying per minute is always cheaper than an hourly rate because you only pay for the minutes you call.

The benefits of CallTheONE

  • Always a strategist available whenever you want
  • Automatic payment per minute
  • Live video Interaction so that you see each other
  • Screen sharing for presentation or documents

TheONE expert app

Thanks to TheONE expert app you always have access to advice from a strategist. Download the app in the IOS or Android app store and register for free. The app also has a screen sharing function and all you need is an internet connection.

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