The Pitbull Matrix | The balance between thinking and doing

Ben Steenstra
3 Apr 2019 | 3 mins read

In this article, we explain what the Pitbull Matrix is ​​and how you can use it. For every startup, but also for every project and every task, it is useful to maintain a healthy balance between thinking and doing. Too much thinking can lead to no results and too much doing can lead to a disastrous failure. The ideal balance means that you can start a startup thoughtfully and effectively, start and complete a project or fulfil a task. This is what the Pitbull Matrix and Pitbull coaching is all about.

The balance between thinking and doing

I am a fan of the theory that runners make haste and trip over their own heels and that sweet-talkers rarely really get anything done. I have worked a lot with sweet-talkers and have to admit that as a runner I have built up a healthy allergy towards sweet-talkers. They want to have a meeting and then a meeting again about the meeting and if any decisions are already taken, then there must be another meeting about that too. On the other hand, it is also true that I ran into and have hit the wall many times as a runner by continuing to do without testing whether I was actually doing the right thing. Expensive and unnecessary errors that could easily have been prevented.

Startup tip | The Pitbull Matrix

The Pitbull Matrix consists of four quadrants: The Sweet-talkers, the Runners, the Despondent and the Pitbulls.

Pitbull Matrix: The ultimate sweet talkers Actually, these are sometimes somewhat uncertain researchers and fact finders. Based on statistics from the past, they try to paint a factual picture of the future. Unfortunately for the sweet talkers the future cannot be intimidated by facts from the past and unfortunately for the runners, they leave little room for fantasy, vision and rebellion.

Pitbull Matrix: The ultimate runners With inexhaustible perseverance, runners get an image based on a vision or a fantasy and start running. Often it is that the more setback and resistance they encounter along the way, the harder they start pushing, pulling and sprinting. Facts or no facts, the dream must be pursued. Facts are a waste of time according to the ultimate runners.

Pitbull Matrix: The ultimate despondent You usually come across them at the coffee machine in the hallway. An opinion, fantasy or vision of the future does not come out, except when it comes to their favorite soccer club. The last book they read was the Donald Duck and the only fact they know is that chickens lay eggs. It makes you despondent.

Pitbull Matrix: The ultimate pitbull Pitbulls can get things done with the facts and consultation skills of the sweet talker and has the ability to dream, create a vision and pursue that vision. Usually in a short time and with a positive, surprising result.

Startup tip | Also become a Pitbull with Pitbull coaching

Do you want to learn how to become a Pitbull? At CallTheONE, various business coaches specialize in Pitbull coaching. Among other things, they coach you in self-reflection and self-confidence so that you are always able to find the balance between facts and vision. In other words, the balance between sweet talkers and runners.

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