Anger management exercises & courses

Everyone has had an anger attack at one time or another, but most of us can control our anger well without having to take different courses. For some people, however, this is much more difficult.

Anger rages can occur uncontrollably without there being any evident reason for an outsider. For those cases, it is advisable to seek counseling or therapy from an anger management practitioner at TheONE.

The usefulness of anger management exercises and courses

If you find it difficult to control your anger, it is often not only frustrating and exhausting for yourself, but also your environment. The discharge of negative energy is really good and pleasant for no one. Especially if this happens on a daily or weekly basis.

Only thorough therapy can give you insight into your behavior and emotions to break through this pattern. Which therapy suits you best can be discussed with one of the many anger management specialists at TheONE.

You call them via the live video link and get in touch immediately. The first minute is free to get acquainted first. Then you pay a known rate per minute in advance. What the anger management specialist costs per minute you can see under the profile picture.

How do you recognize anger management problems?

You can speak of anger management problems if someone meets one or more of the symptoms below:

  • Getting angry at something, himself or someone more than once a month.
  • Uncontrolled shouting or breaking things during the anger
  • No more reasoning during the anger
  • Getting angry about things that most people don't pay attention to
  • Getting angry without reason


The person who no longer has anger under control often shows accusatory behavior. Usually, something or someone else is to blame, even if it can be proven that he is to blame for it himself. All reasonableness and personal responsibility seem to have disappeared.

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How do anger management problems arise?

Anger management problems can have different causes. Sometimes it is wrongly attributed to excessive alcohol or drug use. Usually, this strengthens the behavior but is not the cause.

Only in a few cases, there is a direct cause in relation to drugs. It has been proven that some people who take drugs for a long time develop delusions, and even in a sober state, their reality no longer corresponds to reality. It can lead to anger attacks but is not the same as having anger management problems.

Other underlying causes may be reduced resilience, stress, burnout or exhaustion.

Anger management problems and adolescence?

During puberty, hormones can create a distorted picture of reality. It can also lead to anger attacks. Usually, this is temporary.

An anger attack is an uncontrolled expression of emotion

The word emotion literally means "outward". So it's something that has to come out. People who always keep their negative emotions inside can literally get sick of it. The body reacts to this, and in extreme cases, this can lead to an uncontrolled anger attack.

Emotions arise from the meaning we give to something. If we give a lot of meaning to something, we can have a lot of fun or sadness from it. The death of a loved one or the loss of something dear to you is painful because so much meaning has been given to it.

People who don't have anger management can very well give a lot of meaning to something. Unfortunately, these are often negative meanings. That chair is in the wrong place, he bumps into it, and suddenly that means a lot to that person.

Types of therapy and anger management courses

One of the most effective methods to teach someone to deal with anger is coaching. The person learns to become aware of how he gives meaning and how these may deviate from reality.

By taking responsibility for the meaning you give to something or someone, you can learn to distance yourself from the situation, as it were. If there is no longer a negative meaning, there will be no accompanying emotion, and there will be no more anger attack.

Good therapy for managing anger is also cognitive-behavioral therapy. During this therapy, you gain insight into your own thinking pattern and behavior. Through this insight, you can develop a better version of yourself.

Alternative anger management techniques

Alternative anger management techniques that are often applied include Yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and endurance sports such as walking or running.

These activities clear your mind so that you can look at reality in peace and quiet. It is actually a passive form of renewed giving meaning. The calmness gives rise to new meanings and weak, persistent negative meanings.

Remote anger management exercises and courses via video calling

Anger management specialists and coaches can give training or course remotely via video calls or let you do exercises. Sometimes enormous progress can be made within half an hour. Because you pay per minute at TheONE, this is a very affordable alternative to traditional therapy. So call us today.

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