The art of healing heart

“ do I get through this day? What am I going to do if…….”

Every day we wake up - we are given 86 400 into our life account. Seconds that is. How are you spending all this time?

We can change our mood in seconds, we are making decisions in a split of a second, and yet the majority of people spend their time living in fears and worry. Every day. They feel stuck, lost, anxious, and paralyzed with fear.


Do you want to have your own personal guide that can tell you what’s best for you? A guide that can lead you on the right path, help you make the best choices?

If your answer is yes - fantastic!
You already have that guide! It’s your HEART!

Listen to your heart

When we learn to listen to our own hearts, we can unfold our highest potential and rise above daily stress from a place of empowerment and self-love.

Your heart is helping you to get on the right path. Sometimes the right path is not the path you want.

Sometimes we are even forced to take a left turn instead of right. At first, you try to fight it, maybe even throw a fit.… Later, looking back at that ‘decision’, you realize that it was the right choice. You realize you were given coordinates to your desired destination. A path that leads to a fulfilled, content, abundant, and happy life.

How do you get the ‘big picture’ view? How do you start listening to your heart? You can start by asking yourself:

I want you to feel your feelings, deep in your heart.

As with everything, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

If you’re not feeling your feelings - you’re doing it wrong.

If you answered these questions based on what you think you should have answered - you are doing it wrong.

Be honest with yourself. Embrace the truth, accept it, and let's start healing.

Art for health - l'art pour la santé

Did you know that art (any type of art that is), has not only healing attributes but also preventive potential?

I strive to use art (intuitive painting and dancing) to put you in your zen place, your little heaven on earth. I use intuitive painting to help my clients to slowly stop harming themselves and others, physically or mentally, and start living in harmony and vitality.

I went through this healing journey myself.

I was painting or drawing my whole life. When I was forced to color inside the lines or follow the ‘this is how it is supposed to be done’, I felt like I was living a lie.

Yes, I used pretty colors, but it looked bland to me and I was anxious and sad.

Once I broke out of the cage of conformity, I started to follow my own coloring patterns, I felt so happy, whole, and vital…. but I’ve been told that I’m odd and weird and that I should stop doing that or I won’t find my place in the world.

I decided that I’d rather be considered weird or ‘different’, than not living a vital and happy life!

I decided to allow my art to make me feel happy, vital, and resilient.

This is how painting helps me to be myself. I guide my clients with the same freedom.

Using colors that I chose - I'm able to express my hidden emotions and feelings. Once I see them on a canvas, it helps me to deal with them in a healthy way and hence slowly letting them go.

And I’m not talking only about happy feelings.

No, it also involves the deep, buried, and hidden feelings that I tried to forget. Once I see them out in the open, I can decide what to do with them.

We have to get real about the negative feelings and situations in our lives. Only when we do that, we can start transforming them into tools that help us move fearlessly forward. Forwards and towards the life we always wanted.

Projecting and expressing emotions in the form of images and colors helps you to speak your own TRUTH, and make you confident to LIVE, to LOVE, and to BE - the way YOU want it!

What do you say? Are you ready to live your life free from suffering?

Say yes - and let’s start today!

It’s time to create your biggest masterpiece - YOU.

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13-11-2020 5 mins read
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