Local Guides in Stockholm

Local guides in Stockholm are happy to tell you everything about this beautiful city via a Live Video connection. Are you looking for a nice hotel, a cozy restaurant or do you want to know what the best museums in Stockholm are? The local guides live in Stockholm and can tell you everything. They can even go to a location in Stockholm and let you watch remotely via their Smartphone!

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is known for the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum. With 14 islands and more than 50 bridges, there is much to experience in Stockholm and you can take long walks there. Ferries take you from island to island where you can find plenty of restaurants and entertainment.

If you are going to Stockholm for the first time it is wise to be well prepared. The local guides live in Stockholm and can, therefore, tell you everything you want to know in advance.

Local guides in Stockholm | The benefits of TheONE

As a local resident of Stockholm, you know everything about your city. Where are the nice festivals, good restaurants and which hotels are recommended? Much of this information is also on the Internet, but that information is not always up to date. Sometimes information about Stockholm is also presented in a nicer way than reality will show. That's because the writers get paid to promote something. Within CallTheONE, guides are paid a small amount per minute by you. This ensures that they want to share their information fairly and honestly.

Local guides in Stockholm | What can you ask for?

Local guides in Stockholm know a lot about their city. Some have lived there all their lives. Things you can ask guides on CallTheONE are:

  • Is Stockholm always safe?
  • Where can you find a nice and cozy restaurant in Stockholm?
  • What is a good hotel for a reasonable price?
  • Where is the best place to go with children in Stockholm?
  • How do you travel from one location to another in Stockholm?
  • What are interesting museums in Stockholm?

Local residents in Stockholm help Expats

As an Expat in Stockholm, you want to integrate quickly. Local guides can show you the way where you need to be. Are you looking for a home or a temporary flat? Local residents of Stockholm can view a home for you while you watch via the Smartphone. That saves you a lot of travel time and they know if the property is in a good location.

Contact with residents of Stockholm via the computer or Smartphone

You can set up a Live Video connection via computer with a local resident of Stockholm, but that is also possible via TheONE expert app. You make a connection with 1 push of a button and to be sure that you get the right person on the line, the first minute of a call is always free.

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