The most unique place to stay in Amsterdam

Recently, Amsterdam has added a unique tourist attraction, but it is not cheap. In the past, the city had hundreds of bridge keepers' houses where bridge keepers could operate bridges and floodgates. Automation has made their work irrelevant, and the bridge keepers' houses have been left empty. The often monumental buildings were not allowed to be demolished, so a new use had to be found for them. At least, that's what the SWEETS hotel chain thinks. They turned it into exclusive hotel rooms where you can sleep for between $ 150 and $ 1,000 a night.

Sleeping at a unique location in amsterdam

The most special stay in Amsterdam

The most special bridge keeper's house is perhaps the one in the middle of the river Amstel on the Amstelsluizen. This unique place is offered as a "Private island in the heart of Amsterdam" and is, therefore, the most expensive of the dozens of rooms available.

Guests cannot reach or leave the room by themselves, because the bridge keeper's house is located in the middle of the river, so they have to be brought by boat. The hotel chain offers four free crossings per night, and if you want to go up and down more often, you have to pay $ 40,- each time. Although there have never been any waves on the quiet river, the hotel considers the crossing so dangerous that life jackets are required during the crossing of fewer than 30 meters.

The exclusive bridge keeper's house on Amstel offers space for up to 2 people of over 21 years old. This rule also applies to any other location. Breakfast is not included in the price and costs about $ 35,-. Just like filling the fridge, which costs $ 65,-

Once in a lifetime experience

The hotel itself promotes the exclusive hotel room as a 'once in a lifetime experience'. Ideal for a honeymoon or for taking unique Instagram photos. The complete peace, the quiet, and the view make the overnight stay an unforgettable experience.

The other bridge keepers' houses also offer the same unique experience. The idea is a bit like the initiative of the "harbor crane in Harlingen" overnight stay. This crane is also converted into an exclusive hotel room. And thanks to its roof terrace and unique view, it also provides an extraordinary experience. In addition to the harbor crane, there is also a lighthouse and lifeboat where you can surprise your spouse for a substantial price per night.

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Not everyone is happy with the unique overnight stay

Amsterdam wouldn't be Amsterdam if there weren't also a group of people who would be against the arrival of these unique overnight locations. A group of more than 6,000 residents of Amsterdam have signed a petition to prevent the exploitation of the bridge keepers' houses. They think that there is already too much space for tourists and that the bridge keepers' houses can become better public goods.

The people who are in favor of the arrival of this ludic overnight accommodation argue that they should now at least be well maintained without this costing the city. Bridgekeeper houses are part of the culture of Amsterdam, and this new destination will keep this heritage on the map in a sustainable way.

Gabor Bogosi Gabor Bogosi
03-12-2019 3 mins read
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