Best tips from local people & tour guides

Local people and tour guides from all over the world can tell you where to go, what to do, and where to stay. They know all the secrets of their city. They are the ONEs to guide you from a distance using their camera to show you around. Do you want to scout that ONE specific location or looking for a place to stay? They are the online locals that can show you their city through live video calling.

It’s easy to find your local personal guide. Scroll the list of local people or fill in your needs in the search bar. You can also find us on the map. And once you select ONE of them, they are just ONE call away to be at your assistance.

Best tips from local people & tour guides

Traveling to an unknown location can result in many surprises without the help of a local person that knows the ins and outs of your next destination. At TheONE local people and tour guides give you early access.

They want to prevent you from these unpleasant surprises. They can show you the location upfront via live video calling. They share their local knowledge and tell you the do’s and don’ts within their culture.

Connect to online local people and guides in any significant capital in the world, and they will answer all your questions. Local tour guides know the best restaurants, hotels, beaches and much more that you won’t find in traditional travel guides or sponsored blogs.

Most online local people live in or very near the place they can tell you all about. And while they show you around via live video, you can almost smell the culture.

Download TheONE expert App, and you always have your local contact person in your pocket. Easy, cheap, and the best way to feel safe in a foreign country. Your online local guide is always just ONE call away. You never pay to much because you pay per minute, and the first minute is free.

Connect with an online local tour guide today!

These are the benefits to contact local people:

  • Instant contact with an experienced and motivated local tour guide via live video calling! No appointment needed.
  • Pay per minute for as long as you need tips and advice.
  • No surprises at arrival.
  • Connect to a local person that speaks your language. (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Thai, and many other languages).
  • Always a local contact person on demand at the location.
  • Know all the ins and outs before your departure.
  • Your personal Google maps guide.

Want to know all about your next destination?

Do it the easy way by calling an online local on-demand. We all know those travel booklets are outdated and not as accurate as the information that real people can give via live video calling.

Stop wasting time reading hours on blogs that are old or sponsored by the prosperous travel industry. Go directly to the source and call your online local guide. This is what instant contact with a local can bring you:

  • Advice about the best restaurants, musea, and nightlife places
  • All information about the best hotel and facilities with upfront scouting via live video calling
  • Information about hospitals, police and government regulation
  • Get to know the best beaches

Stop Googling and check the facts you want to know. Is the place safe? Your online local tour guide knows it all. Fly or drive to your next holiday destination without any worry. Your local tour guide will take care of you when you are in need.

TheONE online local tour guides are available in almost every city!

It doesn’t matter where you will travel next. There are most certainly local people available to assist you from a distance. Do you go to Europe, South America, Asia, Australia or North America? Find the best match and start asking for tips. You only pay as long as your call takes and never more.

  • Online local guides program in Europe. For example: Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Oslo, Budapest, Praag, Dubrovnik, Istanbul and many more cities..
  • Online local guides in Asia. For example, Bangkok, Bali, Delhi, Singapore, Moscow, Tokio, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and many more places
  • Online local guides in Africa. For example, Johannesburg, Accra, Kenia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cape Town, and many more places
  • Online local guides in North America USA or Canada. For example, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, and many more cities.
  • Online local guides in South America. For example, Peru, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Lima, Guatemala, Antigua, and many other countries
  • Online local guides in Australia. For example in Sidney and many cities

Avoid nasty surprises and call your online local tour guide now to be best prepared for your next travel destination. Download TheONE expert app to connect with a local at any given time 24/7. It’s easy, safe, fun, and you get the most up to date information.

What to do in your holiday destination

If you want to know what to do or where to go at your next holiday destination, you can instantly video call any inhabitant. Ask for practical information like current events, festivals, or the weather, for example. Local people tell you all you need to know. Be best prepared and know where to go and what to do before you arrive.

People love to share local information with you. Questions about safety, culture, parks, and habits are quickly answered, and only ONE video call away. The first minute is free, and the rest of the minutes, you only pay per minute at CallTheONE.

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