Dealing with a depressed partner

Dealing with a depressed partner is difficult for everyone including yourself. Experienced coaches and depression experts at CallTheONE are ready to speak to you via a Live Video Connection to help you in this difficult situation.

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You can call Depression coaches on CallTheONE via a live video link for questions about depression, how to deal with depression and how to recognize depression with your partner. It often happens that you can not make contact with your partner if he or she is depressed. The coaches specialized in depression understand that and can be a listening ear for you.

If someone is depressed, you want to help. You give tips and advice but nothing seems to matter. Often this has nothing to do with your advice itself, but with the nature of the depression. A depression coach can explain why your well-intentioned advice does not work and gives you tips on what you can do. For instance:

  • Be aware that your partner is unlikely to be able to meet your expectations and needs
  • Your partner will forget things faster and you can support him or her by memorizing it yourself
  • Give less advice because your partner is often unable to follow them up
  • Stay in physical contact with each other and continue to talk to each other

Depression does not just need time. Professional help is generally a condition for overcoming depression. If you are worried about your partner, you can find help via CallTheONE or talk to the depression coaches who can refer you to the right professional depression counseling.

Help if your partner has a depression

Sometimes you can best help your partner with depression by first helping yourself. If your partner is depressed, it also affects you. You do not feel seen and everything seems to be in the sign of your partner. If you keep adjusting yourself for a longer period of time, you can lose yourself. Therefore, take care of yourself so that you can take care of your partner in a better way. You can also call a life coach via TheONE for tips and advice for yourself.

Life coaches can help you regain your balance if you recognize one of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of energy despite enough sleep
  • Less interaction with friends and little desire to leave the house
  • You eat less healthy than before and sport less
  • You do not know how long you can keep up with your partner while you feel love
  • You react stressed to situations where you would otherwise react normally

Remember that you have never studied or learned to deal with a depressed partner and that this requires a lot of energy from you. Therefore, enable professional depression assistance. Via CallTheONE you can contact coaches from all over the world with depression. You pay per minute as long as the call lasts and the first minute is free. Do not wait too long.

A depression, overstrained or a burnout?

The diagnosis of whether someone is overstrained, has a burnout or leads to a depression can only be made by a professional coach or doctor. Not all depression coaches can make this diagnosis. Often they can refer you to the right institutions that can give a diagnosis.

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