Entrepreneur tips and advice

For the best entrepreneur tips and advice, you are in the right place. Nobody is too old to learn, but which textbook or youtube video gives you precisely the knowledge you need. Times change, and so do circumstances.

That's why the knowledge of the past is often no longer applicable for today. You want to learn, but you also want to have the most up-to-date knowledge. It can be done by contacting experienced entrepreneurs at TheONE via live video calling.

Various very experienced consultants, mentors, coaches, and fearless entrepreneurs from all over the world are 24/7 online to share their knowledge with you. You can remote call them via live video calling, and you only pay them by the minute. That saves days of searching on Google and weeks of watching YouTube videos. This way you always have the latest tips and the best advice.

Entrepreneurs share their tips and advice

One of the most essential characteristics of entrepreneurs is their curiosity. An entrepreneur always wants to learn something new, but only current and relevant things. You often don't have the time to know everything about everything. A good book can help you on your way and asking your question to Google also gives a lot of results. But it all takes so much valuable time!

Just look at how outdated relevant search results are when you're looking for something in Google. Often the articles that come up first are two years or older. It is not desirable if you want to stay up to date. So direct call an entrepreneur on TheONE and get answers on all your questions.

The entrepreneur knows: Together we know everything about everything

Of course, you want the best tips and advice or the best answer to your question. That's why there are so many different entrepreneurs, consultants, and mentors who are remote available 24 hours a day.

What one entrepreneur doesn't know, the other can answer. That's why you only pay by the minute for the best tips and advice entrepreneurs can give you.

A question can be answered very quickly, and you never pay too much. Think, for example, of legal advice. Usually, you pay a high hourly rate.

But what if you have a question about how to formulate a particular sentence in a contract? Sometimes even a trainee lawyer can help you with that. Just spend some minutes consulting an entrepreneur, and you know all you want to know.

Frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs very often ask the same type of questions. It is normal because these subjects occur within every type of company. The only difference is that the answer depends on the situation of the company. Topics, where entrepreneurs have most questions about, are:

How does an entrepreneur become successful?

Perhaps the most crucial question is how your idea or startup has the best chance to become successful. IdeaLab researched this by investigating 200 startups.

The outcome of the study was surprising. As an investor, the researchers believed before the research that the team and idea would be outstanding. Many entrepreneurs think that it depends on funding. What appears are the following figures:

The degree of influence on the success of an idea or company

  • 42% impact - Timing
  • 32% influence - Team
  • 28% influence - Idea
  • 24% influence- Earn model
  • 14% influence - Funding

Brandon Leibel - Co-Founder of Sand Cloud once said:

By not having any funding, you discover and do things that you would never have thought of otherwise. These are the things and lessons that are not for sale for money.

What is the benefit of tips and advice from an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs know what you are going through. They were in the same position as you before. The benefit is that they can prevent you from the mistakes that they have already made.

Most of the entrepreneurs had sat-backs in the past that they overcame. You can learn how they did it and what is needed to become successful as they are today.

Start learning from experienced entrepreneurs and ask for that tip or advice that will make your business grow. They are only one push at the call button away. Contact them today via live video calling.

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