Happiness coach services

Everyone wants to be happy and stay happy. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work, and sometimes you can be unhappy for a while. It does not necessarily mean depression, but if you are unhappy for more than a few days, it is better to seek help.

Call a happiness Coach at TheONE. The coach will understand what happiness is, what prevents happiness in your life, and will have tips and advice to become happy again.

The feeling of happiness can be disturbed if something terrible happens in your life. But often you can do a lot to become intensely happy again. The coaches at TheONE will support you in this.

Contact them via live video calling and discuss how you feel. The first minute of the call is free. So it costs nothing to get acquainted first.

Why contact a happiness coach?

A happiness coach is specialized in inner happiness. It's not a simple trick they do to make you feel what happiness is again. They find the root cause of why you are unhappy now and solve the pain. Their goal is to make life easy again.

Often people feel sad because of things that happened in the past or fear for the future. A happiness coach is someone you can talk to, and that will listen. By sharing your emotions and thoughts, your coach will guide you to happiness.

What is happiness?

What is happiness anyway? Is it a verb, does it come naturally or are some people lucky enough to be happy and others not? Many personal coaches agree that happiness is a state of being.

A mental process in which love, appreciation, and abundance are felt. Happy people are also more resilient. They are better able to withstand setbacks and laugh more.

How can you become happy?

There is not one straight answer to how someone becomes instantly happy, but Wassili Zafiris has been studying this for years and came to the following conclusion:

1 in 5 people has (had) a depression. The difference between the other four who have always been happy to a greater or lesser extent is that they have a bright inner landscape.

Happy people have a very clear view of the world, the people around them and for example, about the future. They also often feel strongly connected with others and nature.

People who are happy generally have the following qualities:

  • Appreciation and admiration for great, but also tiny things
  • Awareness of their environment including family, friends, and nature.
  • A lot of self-esteem and self-confidence, they can be there of their own accord.
  • They make a lot of compliments and give constructive feedback.
  • They see the humor of everything and experience setbacks as not a big deal.

Sports to be happy

It is well known that sports such as fitness or gym make you happy. It is due to the endorphins that are released during exercise. Endorphins are produced all day long in the brain and act as a kind of lucky drug. Exercise releases more endorphins and makes you feel happier. Personal Fitness Trainers at TheONE can tell you more about this.

Some people do not naturally produce enough endorphins, so exercising can be a remedy. If no endorphins are produced at all, only medicines can help. Consult a doctor for more information.

Can everyone become happy with a happiness coach?

Unless there is a physical disorder (this is rarely the case), everyone can become happy with the help of a happiness coach. Sometimes someone has had a lot of setbacks, and therapy is needed to deal with those setbacks.

But because feeling happy is a mental process, everyone can learn to be happy with the guidance of a mental coach.

What stops someone from feeling happy?

It has been proven that an unhealthy lifestyle can impair your feeling of happiness. Poor eating, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use, in almost all cases, lead to a bad feeling. You are less able to cope with stress and even run the risk of getting a burnout in the event of a small setback.

If you want to feel happy, make sure you eat and live healthy. Sufficient sleep is also part of this.

Can you be lonely and happy?

In general, people need other people to feel happy. In the absence of social contacts, the feeling of loneliness can disrupt the sense of happiness. The lack of friends or family then becomes so strong that it prevails.

Here, too, a happiness coach at TheONE can offer a solution. Sometimes loneliness is caused by a lack of motivation to go out or even go on a date causes dilution of social contacts. Talk to a happiness coach about this and life will look cheerful again. Check out our explanation movie to see how it works:

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