Lovesickness & limerence support

Lovesickness can feel terrible, and limerence can be even worse. Remote support at TheONE can help you by calling through live video calling with a coach or therapist.

If your partner leaves you, this can hurt a lot. So much so that your stomach cramps make you vomit. Sleepless nights and forms of temporary depression are not uncommon either.

For some, it feels like their world is falling apart. For weeks, months, or years, you have lived in a dream that is suddenly over. You can see heartbreak as trauma and traumas can sometimes be challenging to cope with.

Love grief coaches can help you to deal with your grief more quickly. Your depressive feelings will disappear through coaching, and you can again look to the future with optimism instead of pessimism.

Remote lovesickness & limerence support

At TheONE you find remote support for lovesickness and limerence by professionals. A listening ear, coaching, or therapy through video calling, can be a remedy for your pain.

Most people have had to deal with heartbreak. Even if you are the one who ends the relationship, you may still be in pain. The pain can come from missing your partner, but also from anger through cheating. If your partner cheated on you during your relationship or suddenly runs off with someone else, you may even get an inferiority complex.

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What causes pain during lovesickness?

Thoughts and emotions can literally make us sick. Some of these thoughts are true and other imaginary. For example:

  • The idea that you can't find a new partner and will be alone for the rest of your life
  • The belief (or the facts) that you have been unfairly treated
  • The regret that you should have known better

These are negative thoughts that can hurt a lot. Research shows that people tend to have stronger emotions when something is taken from them against our will than when we receive it. Negative emotions also have a stronger impact on our bodies than positive emotions.

When a relationship is broken, something is taken away from us, and negative emotions arise. This combination can cause physical pain.

Why can you be confused after a breakup?

After a breakup, there can be a conflict between your emotions and your ratio. You know it's better, but you still feel love. Even though you know that loving this specific person is not healthy for you, you may still have desires.

It is also possible that you enter a phase of incomprehension. Various questions without a concrete answer can confuse you. For example:

  • Could you have prevented it?
  • Should you have left earlier?
  • Was it the right choice?
  • Why did you let it come to this?

Limerence and lovesickness

Some people develop limerence when being lovesick. Obsessive feelings or thoughts cause that reality is out of the picture. Limerence can cause stalking behavior or worse. Aks for help if you have obsessive feelings and thoughts!

The grieving process after a break-up

During a breakup, the same kind of emotions are released as to when someone you love dies. A breakup is a mourning process that can look like this:

Of course, this is not realistic, and you will not get the response you usually get back. This is when the next phase begins:

  • Anger - You or your partner get angry and try to blame the other. Feelings of hurt, dishonesty, and unreasonableness give you the alibi of not having to take the responsibility yourself.

Even if you know better, everything lies with the other person. Because this too is ineffective and takes you nowhere, you come to the next phase.

  • Negotiation - Confused as to whether you really want to separate yourself, you still try to find a solution to prevent the pain. You try to repair the breakup based on reasoning and actions.

Usually, it is already too late for this, and you notice that this also is useless. You give up and move on to the next phase.

  • Depression - Without a relationship, you no longer have to live a life, and you are going to see the darkness in the future. You will never be able to trust anyone again, or you will never find a relationship again.

The pain has been going on for some time now, and all your energy seems to have vanished. With the curtains literally or figuratively closed, you wait for the problem to resolve itself.

NOTE - This is the most dangerous phase and therefore the most critical phase to call in the help of a lovesickness coach at TheONE!

  • Acceptance - Now that nothing seems to work and you slowly come to rest, the slow process of acceptance begins. You learn that you have to learn to live with it and turn your eyes to the future again.

The duration of this process is different for everyone. The help of heartbreak coaches can shorten the process from months to one or just a few days.

Is there a way not to feel lovesickness?

We, humans, were born with the gift that we can feel emotions. Without happiness, there is no sorrow, and without sorrow, there is no happiness. Otherwise, life would be a boring straight line.

Sadness is part of our life and belongs to it. Grief is also a setback, and not everyone deals with setbacks very well.

How can you deal with setbacks in a relationship?

A setback is actually a disappointment of your expectations. If there was no expectation, then there could be no setback. By adjusting your expectations, the pain of a setback is reduced.

If you insist on winning the game, and you don't succeed, frustration can arise. If you intend to play a game of fun and winning comes in second place, the setback in case of loss will also be less. Therefore, set realistic goals and expectations in a relationship.

Relationship and lovesickness coaching via TheONE can help you to set realistic goals and expectations.

After physical or emotional violence, you can still love the other person.

Despite (extreme) physical or emotional violence, we can still love someone after a break-up of a relationship. The feeling of being together and meeting the expectations of the other person can be stronger than the suffering.

In this case, it is advisable to consult a remote relationship coach or mental coach on TheONE. In no way should a person be allowed to be subjected to emotional or physical violence.

If you have any relationship issues or grief, contact a lovesickness coach now and reduce the pain immediately.

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