Local Guides in Barcelona

Local guides in Barcelona help you to be well prepared for your trip. Everyone knows the Sagrada Familia, but local guides on CallTheONE can tell you exactly what else there is to see and experience in Barcelona. Call with a Live Video connection and they will answer all your questions. Do you want to know where a nice hotel is, what the best museums are or how safe Barcelona is? The local guides live in Barcelona and know exactly what you want to know.

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Visiting a huge city such as Barcelona requires good preparation. Otherwise, you risk spending a lot of time searching for the right location. Local guides in Barcelona make it easy for you to get the most up-to-date information about the city. Google presents a lot of sponsored and outdated information about Barcelona. The Guides on TheONE give you honest and actual information to make your visit to Barcelona unforgettable.

Barcelona | The capital of Catalonia

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is especially famous for Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece which is still not complete. The city is rich in art and culture. Old churches, surprising museums, large parks, and beautiful old buildings make a walking trip more than worthwhile. The local guides on TheONE can tell you more if you tell them what your ideal visit to Barcelona should look like.

Why call a guide via CallTheONE?

  • Call via a Live Video connection and pay per minute
  • The local guides live in Barcelona and know the city and history
  • Fair and current information

Barcelona | A city worth visiting

In addition to a visit to the beach with its many cozy restaurants and a visit to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona has a lot to offer. Even if you travel with children, Barcelona is a pleasant and accessible city.

These are three famous locations in Barcelona that you could visit

  • Rambla A 2-kilometer long shopping street that runs from the harbor to Plaza de Catalunya.

  • San Pablo del Campo One of the most beautiful churches from the 10th century.

  • Park Güell A beautifully landscaped park designed by Gaudi. The Gaudi museum is also located here

Barcelona | Find a hotel with the help of a local guide

Are you looking for a four-star hotel or a picturesque small guest house? The local guides in Barcelona know exactly where the best hotels are. If you want, you can ask if a local guide shows you the hotels through the camera of his or her Smartphone. This prevents unpleasant surprises or disappointments because you know exactly where you will end up in advance.

Barcelona | Living like an expat

Expats can learn Spanish online through teachers at CallTheONE. But speaking the language might not be all that you need. You also want to live in a nice location. Local residents of Barcelona can help you with this. You can view a house remotely with the help of the locals. You watch via the Smartphone camera of the local resident who visits the house together with the real estate agent. That saves a lot of travel time and the local resident of Barcelona can immediately give you background information about the neighborhood such as where the schools and shopping centers are located.

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