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Berlin is one of the most multicultural and historical cities in Europe. The city got its name in 1163 and has been formed by many historical events. The most famous event is the split of east and west Berlin by the Soviet Union on August 13, 1961. Local guides at CallTheONE can tell you all about it.

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Berlin is as big as Bangkok

The size of Berlin is enormous and comparable to Bangkok. Berlin is nine times as big as Paris. But thanks to the efficient metro line connections, it is easy to go from one place to another.

Safety in Berlin

Berlin is considered a very safe city. Of course, you always have to pay attention, but as a tourist, you can walk the streets day and night without any worries.

The history of Berlin

Everywhere in Berlin, you see signs and flags with a bear. Itis because the person who gave the city the name Berlin was called "Albert the bear". This count of Brandenburg got his name because of his strength and speed during the many battles he was involved in.

1936 Olympic Games in Berlin

The Olympic Games in 1936 put Berlin on the map. Adolf Hitler had just come to power and wanted to show during the Olympics in Berlin that 'his' Aryan race was superior.

Hitler decided to force many countries to refuse black people and Jews access to the games. Under pressure from an international boycott, Hitler gave in and allowed everyone through which Jesse Owens could write history.

Jesse Owens was a black American runner who, to Hitler's great annoyance, won four gold medals. An achievement that completely went against the belief that Aryans were superior. As a tribute, there is a street and a school in Berlin named after Owens.

The Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

In 1945 Berlin was the last city to be conquered to overthrow the Nazi regime. It led to enormous bombardments which destroyed most of the t city. It also led to a cooperation between Russia and the Allies. They made clear agreements about who would attack which part of the city and eventually the Russians managed to occupy the city.

After the capitulation of Germany, the country was divided into east and west Germany. Berlin, which was located in eastern Germany, remained partly in the hands of western Germany. Due to the start of the Cold War, Russia decided in 1961 to make a one-night separation between east and west Berlin. Families were separated, and nobody was allowed to go from one side of the city to the other. The so-called 'iron curtain' was born.

To allow diplomats to travel from one side of the city to the other, three checkpoints were opened by the Allies. The most famous of these is Checkpoint Charlie.

The Berlin Wall lasted until 1990 but has since disappeared, allowing many families to be reunited. Checkpoint Charlie is now a popular tourist attraction.

Bunkers under the city of Berlin

A remnant of the Second World War are the bunkers under the city that can be visited by tourists. During this group of tours, you can walk through secret tunnels where bedroom, bathrooms, and even an infirmary are constructed to protect against the bombings. The whole thing is very impressive and shows that an entire city underneath the visible city.

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The famous canals of Berlin

Amsterdam and Venice are known for its beautiful canals, but Berlin has many more. It is a fact that Berlin has more canals than any other city in the world. Several canal boats show you the historic canals of Berlin, and on the way, you will see many people swimming in the clean water. The 180 kilometer long canals of Berlin made that there are more than 1,700 bridges to admire.

Museums and places of interest in Berlin

Real museums lovers can enjoy almost 180 different museums. Keep in mind that many of these museums are closed on Mondays. The opening hours are mentioned on the websites of the museums, but you can also ask a local guide on CallTheONE from Berlin when it's best to visit a specific museum.

A beautiful location to visit is the 386-meter high Fersehturm. It means TV tower. This tower near Alexanderplatz is the tallest building in Germany and beautiful to photograph. You can also take the elevator to the restaurant for lunch or brunch to see the whole city. Please note that you usually have to reserve a table first.

The Berlin beer

Berlin is a city with its own beer called Berliner Weiße. It means White Berliner. The beer has recently been rediscovered after it was almost forgotten. The taste is a bit bitter and sour, but the local and regional breweries are immensely proud of it.

Thanks to Berlin we have curry

The somewhat fatty grilled German pork sausages have been a popular snack among Germans for centuries. In 1949, the sausage street saleswoman Herta Heuwer added a little curry powder to the ketchup that she sprinkled on the sausages. She had received this powder from British soldiers who helped rebuild Berlin after the war. Since then, we now know curry as well as ketchup, and in Germany, this is a famous sauce to accompany their favorite sausage.

Contact with a local resident in Berlin for expats

Berlin is an ideal city for expats. The people are friendly and have an open attitude when it comes to foreigners. If you have any questions about finding a home, or what it's like to live in Berlin, you can make direct contact with a local resident via live video calls. They'll help you find a house or a job, or give you tips on the best neighborhood.

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