Sports experts

All kinds of Sports experts are available at CallTheONE from all over the world, willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you via live video chat. Find the help you need and chat with your expert in Sport instantly.

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There are many different kinds of expertise in the field of sports. Search for the Sports expertise you are looking for and directly see the profiles of the Sports enthusiasts that match your needs.

All our Sports experts are willing to share their knowledge as a Sports advisor with you in exchange for a small fee. Within our platform, you will pay the Sports advisor of your choice per minute. The first minute is always for free, as this is a friendly way of starting the conversation and getting to know your Sports expert. Before you call your Sports expert of choice, simply look at their profile and also see if they have a good rating already from other users. This helps you in finding the right Sports enthusiast for you before you start the live video chat.

Within TheONE you can find the following Sports experts

  • Experts on soccer
  • Experts on tennis
  • Experts on running
  • Experts on golf
  • Experts on diving
  • Experts on swimming
  • Experts on fitness
  • Experts on cycling
  • Experts on boxing
  • Experts on rugby
  • And much more...

Within these different areas of expertise, there can be a lot of sub-related areas where a Sports advisor can be specialized in.

Remote advice from a Sports enthusiast via live video chat

Nowadays you don’t have to travel to a certain store to seek the Sports advice you need. Just ask a Sports expert via live video chat and get an answer straight away, and you only pay for the time you are connected to the Sports advisor via our platform.

Real Sports fanatics on demand

Everyone is a real expert in something, either you are skilled because it’s your job or just due to the fact that it’s your passion. Whatever it is, all Sports experts are willing to share their knowledge on demand with you.

Many related areas of Sport expertise

If you are looking for advice on a certain sport you can search on CallTheONE for your Sports expert, but don’t forget there are many aspects of sports. A mental coach for example can help you out if you are stuck on the mental side of the sport you are playing. So make sure you search for the right area of Sports expertise.

Sometimes you just need direct and physical assistance.

Even if you need to buy new equipment for your sport of choice, it can be helpful to ask real and honest advice upfront from a real Sports enthusiast on our platform. This will help you in your choice before purchasing your equipment in store or online and will save you a lot of time and money.

CallTheONE is here to connect everyone

We want to make it as easy as possible for people all over the world to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Because we believe that everyone can be of value to another. Find the right expert for you and get connected via live video chat.

Go and search for an expert in the field of sports where you need assistance, select the Sports advisor that fits your needs and call directly via live video chat.

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