Online Workout Instructors

Are you having trouble finding time to go to the gym? Or do you prefer private lessons but think a private sports session trainer is too expensive? Through The ONE, training instructors from all over the world are online to guide you during workout sessions via live video calling.

Find your desired trainer, call via your computer or Smartphone and start your first lesson right away. You don't pay any registration fee and are not obliged to anything. You only pay for the minutes that you have lessons and can train under supervision as and when it suits you.

At the ONE you will find personal training instructors who can guide you through your workout. They not only make sure that you do the right exercises that suit you, but also that you do the right exercises in the right way. Through the live video connection, they look at you from a distance and give you instructions. This way, your workout remains fun and without injuries.

Online training instructors | How does it work?

Online training under supervision is rapidly gaining popularity. That's because everyone can now take private lessons. It's cheap and you can always train in between when it suits you. Both of you don't have to travel, so call when it suits you and start right away!

The benefits of online training instructors via The ONE

  • Private lessons from experienced sports instructors
  • Train when it suits you
  • Lessons adapted to your pace and condition
  • Guided training to avoid injuries
  • Direct answers to questions
... ...

See for yourself how much more fun it is to use a private trainer when you do your workout. He or she will continue to motivate you by changing the way you do your exercises. And in between, you can, of course, talk about anything and everything.

Online training instructors | Can I exercise with an injury?

Every injury is different, but if you have a good consultation with your personal training instructor, he can discuss exercises with you that relieve the injury or reduce the symptoms. Sometimes it's a good idea not to do any workout at all if you have a very annoying injury.

The online training instructors on The ONE know a lot about muscles and injuries. So get some good advice before you make things worse for yourself. If you are going to train with an injury without guidance, you can put pressure on the injury in such a way that you also get complaints in other muscles or body parts. Try to avoid this at all times by getting the right advice. You only have one body!

Frequent complaints from training:

Inflamed tendons

The cause is usually an overload and rest is urgently recommended

Muscle pain or continuous cramps

Through intensive exercises, you can use the necessary vitamins and minerals. A lack of the right (food) substances in your body can aggravate muscle pain and cause cramps.

Contusions or bone cracks

Incorrect movements or enormous overloading can cause bruising and even cracks in your bone. Your body will then be far too overburdened and it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

Online training instructors | Will they help you lose weight as well?

Sufficient exercise is good for everyone and if you have a normal diet you will lose weight. Whether you do fitness training, gym training, walking or running, exercise burns calories and fat. Online training instructors on The ONE can tell you exactly what a healthy balance it is to exercise a lot without overloading your body while losing weight.

Because muscles are heavier than body fat, you may not lose weight immediately. Your size will decrease and you will certainly feel better within a few lessons. Even with 10 minutes a day you can see results very quickly.

If your main goal is to lose weight, you can contact an online training instructor as well as an online dietician via The ONE. They can work with you to draw up a diet plan to get to your ideal weight.

Start your first class today with the online training instructors and see how much fun you can have with someone you didn't know until today!

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