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Running is popular all over the world. You don't need anyone except yourself and you can run wherever and whenever you want. That is also the reason that so many injuries occur while running. Wrong shoes, a wrong run or training without the right warm-up can lead to annoying complaints. That is why there are runners at TheONE to advise you remotely. You make contact easily via live video calling and only pay for as long as the conversation lasts.

Running specialists can coach you remotely, they give you the advice to prevent injuries and advise you when you already have an injury. It is their passion to run and they give you the tips, advice and motivation if you need it. Cheap, fast and effective.

Anyone without a physical disability can (learn to) run. Once you start and follow a specific running schedule you can run a half or a whole marathon in just a few weeks. It starts with the first few hundred meters and before you know it you can run non-stop. You will also lose weight due to exercise. With the guidance and motivation of remote running coaches, it becomes easier to keep motivated.

There are many online running programs, but TheONE runners personally guide you at your pace. Thanks to the live video interaction, they can watch remotely via the camera of your Smartphone and indicate what you can improve while running.

What can you learn from an online running trainer?

It seems so easy to just run, but there really is more to it. Depending on your age, weight and physical health, a running trainer can draw up a plan for you how you can achieve the best result in the shortest possible time. For example in combination with gym or fitness exercises. A running trainer can give you tips and advice on the following topics:

  • Your pace and duration: Depending on your goal, it is sometimes useful to run less quickly and longer or faster and shorter. By alternating this, your progress can be made with enormous leaps. This is called Interval Training.
  • Your running gear: Your shoes are the most important part, but there are many more tools for better performance. Think of a Smartwatch for your heart rate and pedometer or special vests to be more visible in the dark or to keep your body at a certain temperature.
  • Vitamins and supplements: Depending on what you normally eat, vitamins or other supplements can be a welcome supplement to keep your energy going. NOTE: Without proper advice, supplements can cause nasty side effects.
  • Running routes: For some training, it is good to walk on a hard surface like a road, for others a soft surface such as sand is better. Running trainers can also make nice suggestions for a running track so that you remain motivated.
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Running schedules for beginners

There are various training plans and running schedules available if you want to learn how to run. Some are free to download and others are paid. There are also different apps available. Two good apps are:

  • Nike + running IOS or Android App.
  • Runkeeper IOS or Android App. This can also keep track of your fitness or gym workout.

The running experts at TheONE can advise you exactly which app is most suitable for your running goals.

What types of running styles are there?

Many running styles have been developed in recent years. Not everyone feels comfortable with the same style. Running specialists can explain a lot about the pros and cons of each style. For example, consider:

  • Beach running
  • Bear feet running
  • Interval
  • Marathons
  • Mud Races
  • (Fast) walking
  • Trail running
  • Triathlons (you do this in addition to running but also, for example, swimming and cycling)
  • Ultrarunning

Each form of running requires different equipment, training, and preparation. Get good advice before you start.

Running and losing weight

You can lose weight very quickly and healthily by starting running. However, if you are overweight, running can be harmful to your knees and anklets. A dietitian can advise you on the most suitable diet plan for you, but a running specialist can support you in starting very slowly. Sometimes starting with a short walk is better than immediately trying to start running.

Running and feeding

Many runners also pay attention to their diet. Specific nutrition can significantly improve your performance, but it can also have adverse consequences. Additional vitamins or supplements are then needed to have enough energy to perform as you want. One runner believes that a low-carbohydrate diet is very good, while another does not believe it at all. This also has to do with whether you want to run very long or very fast. Ask a running expert at TheONE for advice and you know everything about it.

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