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Whether you are an existing company or want to start a business, a business plan helps you to give direction to your company and to involve others in this direction. It makes clear what the company is, what the company does and what strategy the company follows. A business plan is actually the written justification for the existence of the company.

A business plan is important for internal, but also external stakeholders. You also need a clear business plan for investors. Business plan consultants can help you to formulate your business plan, but you can also ask them to validate it.

Let ten people write a business plan and you get ten different formats and plans. This means that the entrepreneur himself often has to be closely involved in formulating and developing a business plan. All choices must be well-considered and when it comes to figures, everything must be calculated down to the last decimal point. Business plan consultants can help you with this by asking the right questions, finding evidence for your calculations or justifying a certain strategy.

Business plan Consultants | What is their added value?

Most Business Plan Consultants like facts and figures. For example, if you claim that you want a certain market share, they can use statistics and a competition analysis to map out the feasibility. This can give stakeholders the confidence that figures are not just out of the blue.

What can you ask Business Plan Consultants on TheONE?

  • Establishing or providing a business plan format
  • To write - based on your input - a business plan.
  • Making a business plan presentable
  • Research into figures and statistics to substantiate your assumptions.
  • Drawing up a budget and cash flow
  • Validating a business plan

Why use external Business Plan Consultants?

An external Business Plan Consultant is not prejudiced by the past of the company or the optimism that many entrepreneurs possess. They will look realistically at the plans and want as much evidence as possible for assumptions.

Companies are more likely to go bankrupt due to optimism than to cautiousness.

You can expect Business Plan Consultants to critically examine all assumptions and arguments for future success. Many entrepreneurs might be initially surprised by this because they would rather see someone go along with their enthusiasm. However, it is the responsibility of a Business Plan Consultant to be critical because many stakeholders can - and probably will - come up with the same critical questions. They prepare you, as it were, for criticism from third parties and help you to refute that criticism with facts.

How do you start a business plan?

Ultimately, it's all about the profitability of a company. That's why it may be wise to make a prognosis first. The figures may show that you need to invest more or less in marketing, growth or your team. Another approach is to start with The BIG WHY of your company and write out all the underlying topics.

If you don't want to be a profit or a non-profit, but want to write a meaningful profit business plan, then here is a simple step-by-step plan. You can always ask for support from a Business Plan Consultant via TheONE to help you.

The 5 topics that are highlighted in each business plan are:

  1. Vision, mission and strategy
  2. Form of enterprise, structure and team
  3. Product or service
  4. Marketing plan
  5. Budget and liquidity

The essence of a business plan

When drawing up a business plan you want to make clear to the reader what problem you see, what solution you have for it and how you can market it profitably. Everything you write more in a business plan is to substantiate the above. In order not to tire the reader with substantive details, it is important to keep your story short and concise. Some business plans of multinationals consist of just a few Keynote or PowerPoint slides.

The difference between a business plan and a pitch deck

If you are looking for capital from external investors, you want to attract their attention with a pitch deck. Once you have their attention, you can use your business plan to support your pitch deck.

  • A pitch deck tells in a maximum of 7 slides the right to exist of your company and the opportunities it offers for the potential investor. A pitch deck consists of at least 5 subjects.
  1. Problem and solution
  2. The company and entrepreneur(s)
  3. The offer
  4. The market(s) and figures
  5. Investment needs and potential return of investment
  • A business plan tells you everything you need to know when you take the entrepreneur's seat for the coming year and have to make decisions every day. In a business plan, you don't tell what decisions have to be made, but on the basis of what belief and what information, policies or assumptions a decision has to be made.

Always have your business plan verified by someone from outside your company. Business plan Consultants on TheONE are immediately available via a live video call.

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