Marketing communication strategy and advice

Get to learn more on marketing and communication strategy or ask for advice from a marketing and communication specialist. Marcom experts are concerned with which message you are sending to which target group. They determine the best medium such as social media or the press and get the most out of your marketing strategy. Marketing and communication specialists can be used for different purposes. Through TheONE you can hire them for advice or for a complete journey. They work remotely via a live video connection and are immediately available.

Marketing communication strategy and advice from professionals

Marketing & communication specialists are communication specialists with a marketing background. This profession is also called Marcom. Based on the marketing strategy, objectives, and target group, they know how to get your message across via the right channel to the right target group. They are the spider on the web when it comes to multi-channel external communication.

What does a marketing & communication specialist do?

Whether it's a product introduction, a campaign, or the communication strategy for a (new) company, the marketing & communication specialist is always available. They can support in setting up a marketing communication plan or implement it entirely.

Marketing & communication specialists are involved in:

  • Thorough market research
  • Translating the marketing strategy into a communication plan
  • Adapt the message to different groups or 1 specific target group
  • Aligning and organizing different media channels such as PR, Social Media, advertisements, etcetera.

Some marketing & communication specialists are also very good copywriters and also know a lot about content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How do you find a marketing & communication professional on TheONE?

All marketing & communication professionals have a personal profile where you can read about their background and expertise. Everyone who has worked for TheONE before will receive and give a review after a Video call. This way you know exactly what the experience of other customers was. Search within CallTheONE on marketing & communication and you will find all available professionals. Those who are online while you are searching will be shown first.

The first minute of contact with a marketing & communication professional is free. Within that time you can ask for your help and the marketing & communication professional can indicate whether he or she has the time and is suitable. You can see in advance on the profile what someone costs. Usually, you pay per minute, but only for as long as the conversation lasts.

Marketing & communication strategy tips and advice

You don't always have to outsource everything. Because of their experience, marketing & communication professionals can already contribute a lot with a few tips or advice. You do the rest yourself and if you can't figure it out completely, just call again. This way you save a lot of time and costs and still get the result you expect.

Marketing & communication professional for PR

Media/press contacts that do not go through a PR agency, usually contact a marketing & communication professional of a company. They maintain the PR contacts and provide them with the right information. In this way, your message remains consistent and tailored to the right target group.

Marketing & communication professionals can also do this for you remotely. Thanks to screenshots, you can share important information and they are only (and automatically) paid via TheONE if someone from the Press contacts them via TheONE. For more information, please send an email to

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