relationship advice

Relationship advice from relationship coaches via live video interaction is easy at CallTheONE. Instant contact a relationship expert for tips and advice to handle difficulties or problems within your relation.

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Having a relation should bring joy and happiness, but it doesn't always turn out that way. Small irritations or worse can damage even the best relation until the point you decide to separate. 90% of people who break a relationship say they were sorry within 3 months and could have prevented the break up due to new insights.

The help of a relationship coach can prevent you from separating and later regretting. Via CallTheONE you call with a coach of your choice and you pay per minute. Because the first minute is free, you can first check whether there is a click between you and the relation expert.

The advantages of a relationship therapist calling through TheONE are countless. Among other things:

  • Direct contact with relationship experts from all over the world
  • Sort the relationship coaches on the language they speak
  • You pay per minute as long as you want the conversation to last
  • Call with a Live Video Connection

Save yourself the pain of a broken relationship

Small irritations within a relationship can sometimes be easily solved. Relationship coaches give you the insights and tools to prevent irritations or to deal with them. This prevents the irritations between you and your partner and helps to keep the relationship alive.

There are thousands of reasons to break up within a relationship and often only 1 to stay in the relationship. If love is strong enough, every relationship has the chance to survive. Common reasons for wanting to end a relationship are:

  • Cheating or being in love with someone else
  • Money problems
  • Indifference and attention too short
  • Jalousie
  • Illness or health problems
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Narcissism, perfectionism or other mental disorders
  • Aggression or domestic violence
  • Small irritations that accumulate
  • Reduced libido

Relationship coaches within TheONE have experience with the most common reasons for ending a relationship. Therefor first consult an expert in TheONE before you take the next step. This prevents a lot of unnecessary pain and emotions.

No relationship is perfect

Remember that no relationship is perfect. As soon as the first months of love are over, there will be minor or major problems within each relationship. Usually, you yourself are also part of the problem although this is sometimes difficult to accept. Relationship coaches and therapists discuss this with you and give you the insights to view and understand the situation from different angles.

Causes that you may be part of the problem:

  • Jealousy without reason
  • Perfectionism
  • Submission
  • Aggression in words or actions
  • Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • An unhealthy lifestyle

The relationship therapists within CallTheONE give advice when you need relationship advice. You do not have to wait to avoid worse. Working on your relationship is working on yourself. Call now through the Live Video Connection and make your relationship work again.

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