How to become an online life or business coach?

Many people consider becoming an online life or business coach because the coaching industry is growing tremendously. According to the International Coaching Federation, there are just over 50,000 registered coaches worldwide who generate a turnover of more than 1 billion dollars annually.

Add to that about 200,000 unregistered coaches and an estimate of another 2 billion annual turnovers, and you get an idea of the size of this industry.

Coaching appears to be effective according to different data, but is every coach also effective? Because anyone who has read a psychology self-help book or watched an episode of Dr. Phil suddenly seems to call himself a coach and tries to attract customers. Some only use fragments of the knowledge a professional coach has like metaphor coaching, and calls himself a coach.

The rise of coaching | Everyone a coach

What is a good life or business coach?

The international coaching federation applies strict rules and methods to monitor the quality of the registered life and business coaches. For example, they have to keep track of all their coaching hours and clients, and the clients can still be called about the results achieved five years after the data.

Further training is also mandatory, and a minimum number of paid coaching hours per year must be generated to remain certified.

But what about someone who achieves excellent results but is not registered? It is not monitored at all, and yet the same rates are often paid.

It is important to separate coaches who work with your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs from coaches who teach you tricks. Mental coaches work specifically with your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Within this field, there are also various niche markets such as relationship coaching, burn-out coaching, and, for example, happiness coaching.

The rest of the coaches teach you skills and tricks — a harmless transfer of knowledge and skills. Just like an incompetent guitar teacher can teach you a few false notes, but it doesn't get any more dangerous than that. That's different with the mental coaches.

Someone with a mental problem has an issue that can get worse because of a coach's incompetence. Burnout can turn into a depression, and fear of failure can turn into dangerous recklessness.

Niche market development within the coaching industry

One of the reasons why the coaching industry is growing so fast is because new niche markets are continually being developed. There is now even a specialization for wedding preparation coaching - in case you want to get married but can't stand the tension - and there are coaches who teach children how to tie their shoelaces.

For almost every area you want to learn something about or that you're having a hard time coping with, there's a kind of coach to be found. It is, therefore, evident that you do not have to be certified for every form of coaching to achieve good results. It is also logical that more and more people are trying to grab a share of the enormous market that is emerging.

Everyone wants and can earn money working in the coaching industry

Thanks to the acceptance of coaching by the public - in the past you had to be completely crazy to ask for the help of a coach - and due to the rise of live video calling, it is becoming easier and easier to earn money from coaching.

Where previously the location where you had your practice made a difference, now you can coach someone on the other side of the world by using live video calling. Even in countries where coaching is not yet accepted as an ordinary business, as a coach, you can find customers by profiling yourself online.

Mutual review coaching

Become part of a coaching pool for employee coaching

At TheONE companies create coach pools for their employees. In this way, employees can choose the coach that they think best meets their needs, while the company automatically pays the costs. Companies do this to monitor the quality of the coaches they hire. If you are part of one of the coach pools, you are assured of work.

Boundaries disappear thanks to video call coaching

Of course, it is a positive development that boundaries are blurring thanks to the live video calling functionality. The shaman from Bangladesh sometimes knows more than the neighbor who always comes for coffee with her sweet but intrusive advice. But I'm saying that we should be able to check some of the references before we let ourselves be coaches.

At CallTheONE there is a mutual review that allows you to see what the customer's previous experiences were like. At least that gives you something to hold on to so that you know if you are dealing with a skilled coach.

How can you make money as a coach?

Coaching means nothing more than that you are able to let someone get the best out of themselves. Because everyone is familiar with or knows something that someone else needs. Theoretically, everyone can become a coach. As long as you are not going to occupy yourself with mental coaching without thorough knowledge, in principle, you can only do good with it.

Because there is so much demand for knowledge, you too can offer your knowledge and expertise from anywhere in the world via live video calling at CallTheONE.

Automatic payments

How do you distinguish yourself as a coach?

No platform will automatically lead to an enormous amount of customers and turnover. It requires several things, but it starts by distinguishing yourself from other coaches. You do this by choosing a niche in which not many coaches are active yet. A specific subject for which there is demand, but still little supply.

If you have chosen that and your profile makes it clear that you have expertise in that area, the promotional work starts. It can consist of posting on guest blogs, social media, or if you want to become very active advertising on social media or Google.

On CallTheONE there are many coaches in different niche markets. Registration is free and you are automatically paid by the customer without you having to invoice.

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