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If you were to mark your company, what would your brand look like? Branding originally comes from the Swedish word "brandr" which literally means brandmark. The suspicion is that the Vikings have brought the word to England and that from there it has become the modern word branding.

Branding professionals at CallTheONE can support or advise you in creating a recognizable and strong brand. Would you like to know more about branding? Call now and hire the best branding professional via real-time video calling.

Branding | How do you build a strong brand?

In essence, branding is about the recognisability of your company. It is your brand's 'task' to achieve this. The goal is to 'brand' everything you express so that everyone who sees or hears something about your company knows that it comes from you. Fortunately, we now have more resources for this than a simple branding iron. We call the manifestation of the combination of these resources the branding.

A brand becomes recognizable by the consistency in the use of the following components

  • Company name and logo design (possibly in several similar variations)
  • Use of color (possibly in several colors or shades)
  • Plane distribution (possibly in several variations)
  • Word and text use (possibly in combination with a pay-off)
  • Font(s)
  • Film and photography (possibly a series of films or photos)
  • Sound (in the form of one or more jingles, soundtracks or complete songs)
  • Medium/Message carrier (including the location where the target group can get in touch with your message)
  • Product range and pricing policy

When building a brand, brand specialists want maximum cohesion between all components and that the components also have cohesion over time. This does not mean that there should be no evolution. The important thing is that cohesion is monitored.

Branding | Positioning your company and product range

By using the coherence of all components consistently over time, a (strong) brand is created. The more often the target group comes into contact with one or more components, the more recognizable and stronger your brand becomes for the target group. But coherence alone is not enough. As a brand manager, you don't want to miss an opportunity to give the target group an indirect message, namely: What is your position in the market?

Your position in the market is about the perception that the target group has of your company and offer. There isn't one of them, you create components based on your corporate identity.

Your positioning involves the following choices:

  • Cheap but exclusive
  • Cheap and mass production
  • Duration and exclusive
  • Expensive but mass production

Note: The positioning of your offer may in some cases differ slightly from the positioning of your company, but in most cases, it is not wise to have many deviations in this. Imagine that the relatively expensive and exclusive Ferrari with a cheap mass production family car comes on the market. This would detract from the positioning of the company and from the positioning of the entire range.

Branding | Image of your company and product range

For many people, your image is the most elusive aspect of branding. That's because building an image is taste, target group and time-dependent. If you advertised in the fifties with a woman who holds your product, but in a skirt that comes down to something above your knees, you would create the image of a pornographic rebel.

Your image is determined by the way in which you use all the branding components.

The goal of an image is primarily to strengthen your positioning but within a specific target group. The art of building an image is to create connection and sympathy with the target group in which you think you can create the most sales. Before a corporate identity can be created, it is, therefore, necessary to first have a very clear idea of who your target group is and how you want to position your company and offer.

The danger of creating a house style without a specific target group and positioning is that the only reference whether a brand style is 'good' or 'not good', is determined by the taste (and sometimes limited insights) of the entrepreneur.

Examples of an image definition are:

  • The sustainable automotive rebel
  • The cozy baker
  • The skilled IT specialist
  • The quirky clothing store
  • The messy supermarket

Why use a branding specialist on TheONE?

Branding is a profession. There are different methodologies and insights on how to build a strong brand in the right way. Branding experts at CallTheONE have learned from the mistakes and successes of thousands of brands that preceded you. At the touch of a button, you can have direct contact with a Branding expert of your choice via a live video connection.

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