Personal Coaching Articles

From a cultural, entrepreneurial and personal perspective, the team members of TheONE have always been interested in how we can free our own and other people's maximum potential. What moves people and what stops them? From a Neuro-Semantic perspective, we coach and guide entrepreneurs and employees.

Personal Coaching Articles

We share the experience, lessons learned and examples as an article on TheONE for inspiration.

Inspiration from and about Personal Coaches

With the Personal Coaching articles we hope to inspire you. An article provides insight, but from experience, we know that 1-on-1 coaching of an experienced coach has a more profound effect. The inspiration is, therefore, a call to place your request for help from experienced coaches.

The articles cover topics such as:

Neuro-Semantics as a starting point

Most articles have a Neuro-Semantic approach. That is because of our training as a Neuro-Semantic coach. The team members of TheONE were all trained by Wassili Zafiris with whom Ben Steenstra wrote the book: "I am not alone in the world" in 2011.

In this nominated book, basic principles are explained about what we think the ideal company looks like. This is a company that operates in the golden mean between Profit and Non-Profit called: Meaningful Profit.

Personal Coaching Articles | Background information

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