Business Coaching Articles

As strategic sparring partners, in the past 25 years, we have been able to guide many startups, successful and sometimes less successful entrepreneurs. Sometimes because a radical and strategic change of direction was necessary and sometimes because new strategic foundations had to be developed.

Business coaching articles

Every entrepreneur benefits from a Business Coach. Whether it is personal insight or strategic insight, a Business Coach broadens the knowledge of the entrepreneur.

Insights for entrepreneurs

We process the insights we have gained in articles that we share on TheONE. There are various themes such as:

Lectures and seminars from TheONE

In addition to personal sessions with (starting) entrepreneurs, TheONE also gives lectures (on request) on the above themes. This can be in a small group or in front of a big audience. Business Coaching has many similarities with Personal Coaching. Therefore Personal Coaching topics are sometimes discussed during the lectures. Because if an entrepreneur is not feeling mentally stable, it is difficult to lead a company.

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What makes TheONE a good Business Coach?

We have not only coached several successful entrepreneurs, but we have also set up several successful companies ourselves. Besides, we are all skilled in Neuro-Semantics (more than 15 years of experience), and we immerse ourselves daily in the latest developments and insights in the field of Business Coaching.

We have developed a variety of strategies over the past 25 years and have successfully supported a variety of entrepreneurs. That together makes us the ideal sparring partner for entrepreneurs.

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