Video editing tips and tutorials

Video editing experts know everything about video editing and video editing software and hardware. They share their best tips and tutorials and can teach you how to edit your own videos. They help you to become better at it, or edit an entire video for you.

On CallTheONE you can instantly contact video editing experts from all over the world via a Live Video connection. If you have a short question, you pay less than for hours of lessons, because at TheONE you pay per minute. The first minute is always free and you do not pay monthly subscription fees.

Everyone can learn to edit videos. There are many free software programs that are easy to learn. But if you want to tackle it a little more professionally, different software is needed and therefore more knowledge. You can find that knowledge with video editing experts at CallTheONE .

Editing videos is fun and you can make your audience happy with it. Nowadays, anyone can edit a nice video with his or her Smartphone. But why would you need the knowledge of video editing experts?


Tips from experienced video editing experts

Sometimes you want that one effect or that one edit, but you don't know how to do it. Experienced video editing experts can tell you. Or you ask them to do it for you.

Why do you need experienced video editing experts at TheONE?

  • Save time searching for the right tutorial and call immediately for an answer or solution.
  • You only pay as long as the call lasts without additional costs. Sometimes you are done in minutes and only pay a few dollars.
  • Screen sharing ensures that you can watch how something should be done.
  • Video editing experts from all over the world are available.
  • Immediate creative inspiration
  • Remote lesson when and where you want


Which software are experienced video editing experts using?

Most experienced video editing experts use a combination of video editing and design software. The most common are:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Pinnacle Studio

This software is often used in combination with layout and design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Online video editing workshops

Through TheONE you can now follow an online video editing workshop in the simplest way via live video calling. Private teachers will guide you remotely and watch on your screen thanks to the screen share function. They can give you tips and advice and help you achieve your results.

Online video editing workshops go further than just animating a funny text. You'll learn how to make images flow into each other and how to create exciting compositions. More advanced, you'll also learn how to change faces or use advanced color editing.


(Additional) lessons in video editing from experienced video editing experts

It is fun to learn how to edit professional videos. The video editing experts at CallTheONE can teach you everything that makes you an expert yourself. It is also fun for children to learn from an experienced video editing expert on how to edit their videos.

Topics you can get lessons about include:

  • What hardware do you need for professional movies
  • What should you pay attention to in terms of lighting and composition
  • What are the best video editing programs and how do they work
  • The impact of effects in video
  • Use photography in movies
  • Font and texts in videos
  • Compress movies

Tutoring in video editing is educational and fun. Before you know it you make your own mini-film or surprise yourself with your own creation. Call now with experienced video editing experts and start right away.

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