Smartphone photographers

Smartphone photographers have discovered that in many cases you do not need an expensive and professional camera to shoot great pictures. They are online at CallTheONE to share their knowledge and skills with you for a small fee per minute. The first minute is free to get acquainted.

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Smartphone photography is on the rise all over the world. The cameras and lenses in different Smartphones are of such good quality that they are often no longer inferior to various professional cameras. To get the most out of your smartphone photography you can now ask your questions to experienced Smartphone photographers from all over the world.

If you are just starting with Smartphone photography you will have discovered that your smartphone camera also has different advanced settings. Controlling the right settings means that you can take great photos under any circumstance. This is one of the topics that you can talk about with a Smartphone photography professional. Other questions are for example:

  • What should I take into account in my compositions?
  • What is the Smartphone with the best camera?
  • Which lenses are available for Smartphone photography?
  • What is the best tripod for my Smartphone?
  • How do I deal with backlighting?

For every question there is an instant answer by one of the online Smartphone photographers. Therefore stop unnecessary searching on Internet and call immediately.

101 Smartphone photography tips for Instagram

With the rise of Instagram, Smartphone photography has become even more popular. With good photos you can get hundreds of thousands of followers. Popular Instagrammers can tell you their experience and help you develop your own photography style so that you get more followers.

Filters and photo editing on your Smartphone

Many edited photos are used on Instagram. Usually this is a combination of different filters and photo editing apps. Smartphone photographers know the best apps and can teach you how they work. That saves a lot of time and money!

Portrait photography with your Smartphone

Portrait photography is a specialism that can make many people happy and grateful. Who does not want a beautiful portrait of himself. Within the Smartphone portrait photography sometimes different rules apply than with normal portrait photography. You have to pay attention to the lighting, background, composition and whether or not to use your flash. But more can be done with your Smartphone, which enables you to shoot that portrait photo that is really special. Therefore, contact the professional Smartphone portrait photographer via a Live Video Connection and learn from the experts.

Nice smartphone photography tricks.

Smartphone photographers are becoming more and more ingenious in inventing very specific Smartphone tricks. Did you know for example that you get a great effect when you take a picture when you hold your sunglasses in front of the lens?

Another nice trick is to put your Smartphone in panoramic mode while you drive past a beautiful building, a landscape or a graffiti wall.

There are more and more exhibitions held with Smartphone photography photos

There are more ways to get followers than to post on Instagram or other Social Media channels. More and more large exhibitions are being held based on Smartphone photos. This makes Smartphone Photography an art form that is being practiced by more and more professionals. Learn from the professionals by calling your new teacher via CallTheONE.

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