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Smartphone photography tips

Smartphone photography tips

Smartphone photographers have discovered that in many cases you do not need an expensive and professional camera to shoot great pictures. They are online at CallTheONE to share their Smartphone photography tips, tricks, knowledge, and skills with you for a small fee per minute. The first minute is free to get acquainted.

Smartphone photography is on the rise all over the world. The cameras and lenses in different Smartphones are of such good quality that they are often no longer inferior to various professional cameras. To get the most out of your smartphone photography you can now ask your questions to experienced Smartphone photographers from all over the world.


Starting with Smartphone photography

If you are just starting with Smartphone photography you will have discovered that your smartphone camera also has different advanced settings. Controlling the right settings means that you can take great photos under any circumstance. This is one of the topics that you can talk about with a Smartphone photography professional. Other questions are for example:

  • Is it possible to do a model shoot with a Smartphone?
  • What should I take into account in my compositions?
  • What is the Smartphone with the best camera?
  • Which lenses are available for Smartphone photography?
  • What is the best tripod for my Smartphone?
  • How do I deal with backlighting?
  • What is the best professional photo editing software like Photoshop
  • Can I earn money like professional photographers with Smartphone photography?

For every question, there is an instant answer by one of the online Smartphone photographers. Therefore stop unnecessary searching on the Internet and call immediately.


7 Useful smartphone photography tips.

Smartphone photographers are becoming increasingly ingenious in inventing very specific Smartphone tips.

  1. Did you know, for example, that you get a wonderful effect when you take a picture when you hold your sunglasses in front of the lens?

  2. Another great tip is to put your Smartphone in a panoramic position while driving past a beautiful building, a landscape or a graffiti wall.

  3. Make sure you support your smartphone while shooting. This can be done with a cheap tripod (costs between 10 and 20 dollars) or by placing it somewhere. Especially in less light, you will see that your photos are sharper and brighter.

  4. Play with sharpness and depth. By clicking on the subject you will see that the rest will become a bit fainter. But the other way around, sometimes a nice composition can result in the subject being a bit less sharp.

  5. Use the burst or continuous mode for action photos. This allows your camera to take photos at lightning speed, so you can choose the best one later on.

  6. Use your grid. The grid consists of 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. This allows you to see if you apply 'the rule of thirds' in your composition. By crossing the subject on one of the lines you get more beautiful compositions.

  7. Always enable the HDR function. (Not every Smartphone provides this function yet). HDR ensures that your Smartphone automatically takes several photos with a different exposure. As a result, your photos are less likely to become too dark or too light.


5 Common mistakes in Smartphone photography

Just because you have a camera in your hand doesn't mean that every picture is exciting to look at. Whether it's analog, digital or Smartphone photography, there's a big difference between beautiful photos and so-called snapshots.

A good photo has at least a nice exposure, the right composition, and an interesting subject. A less interesting subject can also be made interesting by using the right lighting and composition.

Mistake 1. The holiday snapshots

You sit comfortably on the beach and enjoy the view over the boulevard. You enjoy, but that doesn't mean that you can just transfer this to one picture. (Smartphone) photographers sometimes spend hours thinking up the right composition or waiting for the sun to be in the right place for proper lighting. A beautiful picture is seldom taken from the chair where you happen to be sitting and enjoying yourself.

Mistake 2. Your own children or family

They sometimes say that love makes you blind. If that is the case, then it certainly applies to photography. Fathers and mothers always think that their child's picture is the most beautiful picture on earth. The public secret is that this is rarely the case. You like the picture because your loved one is on it. Portrait photography is a profession where facial expression is only one aspect of a beautiful photo.

Mistake 3. The beautiful temple

You walk down the street and see a beautiful building like a temple. You go for it and make your best shot ever. You walk a bit further and shoot a few more shots of the same building, but once at home, the result wasn't what you hoped for. Each building has specific lines and how you capture those lines makes all the difference. In combination with the lighting, the point of view from which you take photos, this makes for a nice photo or a snapshot.

Mistake 4. Always take pictures from one point of view.

If we see something on foot, we usually do it from eye level. (Smartphone) photos are more dynamic when you shoot from a higher or lower position than the subject. Especially with children, it is recommended that you always at least get down on your knees.

Mistake 5. Fast (Smartphone) photos at parties

Photography takes time. (Smartphone) photographers always take the time to study the subject, taking into account light and composition. By waiting a little longer, you can capture just that one smile on the picture. Sometimes you have to walk to another place or maybe take a picture from underneath or from a table.

Smartphone photography exhibitions

There are more ways to get followers than to post on Instagram or other Social Media channels. More and larger exhibitions are being held based on Smartphone photos. This makes Smartphone Photography an art form that is being practiced by more and more professionals. Learn from the professionals by calling your new teacher via CallTheONE.


Smartphone photography tips for Instagram

With the rise of Instagram, Smartphone photography has become even more popular. With good photos, you can get hundreds of thousands of followers. Popular Instagrammers can tell you their experience and help you develop your own photography style so that you get more followers.

Filters and photo editing on your Smartphone

Professional photographers rarely edit their photos and certainly do not use filters. In their opinion, good photos do not need a filter. That would be as if the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn had finished his painting and then placed a filter over it.

With the right exposure and composition, a good subject doesn't need a filter. Of course, it is possible that you want to manipulate a certain wrinkle or tummy. You find yourself 2 kilos too heavy and the whole world doesn't need to know that. Everyone is entitled to vanity, so you too, but keep the manipulation subtle.

Fortunately, the so-called Instagram effect, in which everything has to be more beautiful than it is, becomes a little less. More and more famous and less famous people let themselves be photographed purely naturally. After the shoot, the photos are not made more beautiful than they really are.

Smartphone photographers know the best App and can teach you how they work. If you still want to use a filter, then a call will save you a lot of time and money!


Portrait photography with your Smartphone

Portrait photography is a specialism that can make many people happy and grateful. Who does not want a beautiful portrait of himself? Within the Smartphone portrait photography sometimes different rules apply than with normal portrait photography.

You have to pay attention to the lighting, background, composition and whether or not to use your flash. But more can be done with your Smartphone, which enables you to shoot that portrait photo that is really special. Therefore, contact the professional Smartphone portrait photographer via a Live Video Connection and learn from the experts.

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